Best Oud Fragrances

For perfume and cologne wearers alike, choosing the perfect fragrance can be a game of trial and error. Finding the perfect scent is easier when you understand some terminology. “Oud” is a common type of perfume. Keep reading if you want to know what oud fragrances are and which are the best fragrances!

What is an Oud Fragrance?

Oud is a type of fragrance that is warm, sweet, and woody all at the same time. The aroma is delightful, which is why so many luxury fragrances are oud. Oud itself is an oil derived from a tree of the same name. While the base notes for this type of perfume are rich, woody, and inviting, keep in mind that oud perfumes will vary a little depending on the brand.

Best Oud Perfumes

Oud Santal by Royal Crown – Unisex

Royal Crown makes a wonderfully unique oud scent. With notes of spice, sandalwood, and oud, the perfume is perfect for both men and women. It’s marketed as a hypnotic, sensual scent, and is perfect for any occasion and anyone who wishes to stand out without making too bold of a statement. With the warmth of the fragrance, it is the perfect staple for your vanity. As a bonus, the black glass bottle is gorgeous and can be displayed with pride!

Incense Oud by Kilian – Unisex

Balsamic, woody, and spicy—Incense Oud by Kilian is a perfect fragrance for any gender. The oud perfume has a spicy aroma with notes of cardamom, sandalwood, cedar, and musk. It’s a warm, oriental scent that manages to be strong yet not overpowering.

Intense Oud by Gucci – Unisex

This perfume comes in a beautiful bottle, which makes it the perfect addition to your vanity, shelf, or dresser. Incense, wood, and leather are strong notes that influence the powerful scent. Each note stands out individually yet complements the others. If you’re wanting to make a bold statement, look no further!

Boss Bottled Oud by Hugo Boss – For Men

Warm, spicy, and woody, Boss Bottled Oud is a perfect oud perfume. This combination of apple, citrus, sandalwood, and more creates a superb fragrance for any man. While the scent is mostly warm and spicy, it also has some sweet notes to balance out the cologne. Even though this product is primarily marketed to men, the sweet notes make it a great unisex option as well.

Oud Flame by Cavalier – Unisex

Oud flame has a unique scent, combining notes of citrus, ylang-ylang, cedarwood, and white musk, amongst others. It makes for an aroma that is a bit leathery, woody, and earthy. It’s good for any gender and perfect for someone who wants to smell wonderful without making going too far outside their comfort zone.

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An oud fragrance is a staple for your fragrance collection, and has the perfect bottle for you! We have the best selection of perfumes and fragrances. With so many oud options and others to choose from, it’s easy to find the scent that matches your preferences.


What Are Gourmand Fragrances?

Choosing the perfect fragrance can already be difficult, but it’s even more complicated when you don’t understand all the industry terms. The average fragrance wearer may not be familiar with words like “gourmand”.” Here’s what you should know about what exactly a gourmand fragrance is and what some great fragrance choices are.

Origins of Gourmand

The term gourmand references a fragrance that smells almost like a dessert. These fragrances will have edible smells like chocolate, honey, vanilla, and other sweet, delicious aromas. Basically, if the perfume smells like something you’d like to eat, it’s probably gourmand.

The term has been around for quite some time, but the first modern gourmand perfume was created in 1992 when the Angel perfume was introduced by Thierry Mugler. Since then, the fragrance type has only grown in popularity!

What Do Gourmand Fragrances Smell Like?

Gourmand aromas generally have a unique, dessert-like aroma, but can apply to any scent that smells like food. They’re normally sweet-smelling, but not overwhelming. The sweet scents are often somewhat neutralized with spicey, woody, or citrusy scents. They are perfect for the perfume wearer that likes their fragrances sweet but not too sweet.

Some gourmand scents include:

  • Chocolate—Because chocolate is such a popular dessert, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular gourmand aromas! The warm sweetness of chocolate mixes well with many other notes like rum, spices, and musk. It’s perfect for chocolate lovers!
  • Honey—Another popular aroma, honey is a delightful gourmand scent that can be combined with spicy, dark scents such as tobacco or other light floral aromas.
  • Fruit—Popularly combined with caramel or spiced scents, fruit aromas are a typical gourmand aroma. A popular culinary trend is caramelized fruit, and you’ll find many gourmand fragrances that mimic the trend.

Examples of Gourmand Perfumes

Now that you know what these perfumes smell like, you can begin to look for one that may work for you. Some timeless gourmand fragrances include:

  • BonBon by Viktor & Rolf—If you’re looking to wear a perfume that quite literally smells like a dessert (bonbons!), this is a great choice for you. BonBon smells like a combination of caramel, oranges, and peaches. It creates a dessert-like smell that isn’t too overwhelming. While it is marketed for women, it’s a fragrance that could be unisex as well.
  • Lira by Xerjoff—If you love citrusy scents with a warm, delicious undertone, Lira is perfect for you. A unisex fragrance, Lira smells a bit like a chocolate orange, with hints of lavender and caramel infused.
  • Candy by Prada—A sweet, caramelly scent, Candy is a perfect choice for anyone with a sweet tooth. It smells of vanilla, benzoin, and caramel, and each scent complements the others well to create a delightful aroma.

Find Your Gourmand Perfume at

Now that you have a solid understanding of gourmand, you can find your favorite gourmand scent. provides you with the best choices and perfumes. Browse our site today for the perfect perfume!

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Best Fall Fragrances for Women

The pumpkins are here. It’s time to switch your fresh airy fragrance for a sweeter and darker perfume. Here are some of our top picks.

This classic perfume has been a favorite for years. The honey, rum and vanilla notes make it perfect for colder weather.

Even though the original is a good choice too, but we are putting this flanker on the list. With notes of Freesia and Jasmin, it is a staple for fall.

It’s Young and sweet. Rose, vanilla, and almond make this a good choice for colder seasons.

This one is a unisex fragrance, and everyone loves it. It’s woody and aromatic. The lavender adds a coziness to the scent that reminds you of fall cuddles.

Let us know your picks for fall and peel your eyes for men’s edition.



Jubilation XXV by Amouage

Amouage Jubilation Xxv for Men


Jubilation XXV is an example of a true Masterpiece of the Niche fragrance industry!


Jubilation XXV has this remarkable fruitiness right out of the bottle. It’s wonderfully interesting as it forms a slightly sour-bitter accord with the coriander, cinnamon, clove, and a perfectly zesty orange citrus…

This initial accord is soon joined by amazing Amouage signature frankincense! The magical resin immediately gives the fruit accord some weight, pulling it back from sweetness and focusing on the spices… These are all very distinct notes, but they are singing in a five-part harmony voiced by angels! Into the heart with rose and more resin from guaiac-wood, honey, orchid, everything in balance with the frankincense front and center but never stealing the show.


As Jubilation XXV develops, more resinous, more opulent notes are added to the  mix – moss, cedarwood , and oud –  but they are tamed by musk, sweet myrrh, patchouli, and salty hints of ambergris… The unique maple syrupy/curry accord of immortelle flower reveals a hint of leather in the deep and gorgeous dry-down.


Jubilation XXV is a vibrant symphony of rich Regal notes and complex accords, it is divinely sumptuous, luscious and harmonious to perfection! It is also a bright, colorful, and happy incense fragrance, with a unique personality – it comes and goes, it plays hide and seek, but at all times it is well-behaved and never intrusive… The incense seems to come alive on your skin and reads your moods, receding into the background when not needed, stepping forward when required to soothe your soul. Jubilation XXV is the quintessential incense fragrance, bar-none. This one is a must have for fragrance lovers, a true MASTERPIECE!


Let’s Talk About Holidays

It’s time for holiday parties so we decided to gather some inspiration for holiday looks. holiday-look-3

Pair your green jumpsuit with black accessories for a subtle holiday look. For ultimate Christmas look go with true red lips and a unique scent.

You can never go wrong with pairing black and gold. Use bold lips and a sweet perfume.

holiday-look2Of course red is on our list for holiday outfits. Keep your look natural but your perfume spicy.

Check out this video for an easy 5 minute Holiday look.


I will list what I used here but feel free to use your own makeup. I try to keep my makeup videos easy and attainable. It is just a guideline that you can use. I love glitters for holiday parties so I pack them up on my eyes and lips. Also there is a list of what I used in the video in the description box. (and what I used on my face to get ready for this video.)


Happy Holidays Everybody!


Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List


This is the second holiday gift guide. Next week we will have a gift guide for $100 and more.

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

This Floral and classic perfume would make a great gift. The bottle is interesting and cute.

Main Accords:

Floral, Powdery, Rose, Woody, Green, and Fresh Spicy

Price: $54.80


Anthology Zizonia by Penhaligon’s

This is a fresh spicy perfume. The package and bottle are super cute and vampire-approved.

Main Accords:

Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Woody, Warm Spicy, and citrus

Price: $66


La Vie Est Belle L’Eau de Parfum Intense by Lancome

This perfume is very sweet and floral. The bottle is elegant and sweet.

Main Accords:

Sweet, Woody, White Floral, Nutty, and Powdery

Price: $73.99


Poudre by Valentino

This is a great gift for someone who loves powdery notes. The bottle is unique and very chic.

Main Accords:

Powdery, Vanilla, Woody, Floral, Balsamic, and Tuberose

Price: $81.99


1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne

This is a very popular aromatic perfume. The bottle is similar to 1 million so it is like a gold bar.

Main Accords:

Citrus, Aromatic, Rose, Warm Spicy, and Marine

Price: $53.40

Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

This is a woody musk fragrance. The bottle is classy and sexy.

Main Accords:

Woody, Floral, Powdery, Aromatic, and musky

Price: $68.45


Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana

This fragrance is fresh spicy and sweet.  The bottle is elegant and stylish.

Main Accords:

Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Herbal, Sweet, Green, and Woody

Price: $75.95

Himalaya by Creed

This is another amazing fragrance by creed. The 1 oz. bottle is perfect for collectors.

Main Accords:

Citrus, Woody, Musky, Powdery, Amber, and Balsamic

Price: $84.95


Get Shopping! 


Christmas Gifts Under $50

Black Friday is coming up and everybody is trying to get the Christmas shopping done. To help you choose we have put together a gift guide for perfumes under $50. Let’s get right into it.


This is a classic and feminine perfume! The bottle and packaging are just as simple and elegant as Gloria Vanderbilt herself.

Main Accords:

White floral, Woody, floral, Warm spicy, and sweet

Price: $9.85

Betsey Johnson

This perfume is young and happy! This sweet and fruity perfume comes in a unique bottle and a packaging that you will adore if you are a fan of Betsey Johnson.

Main Accords:

Sweet, Woody, Fruity, Amber, and Citrus

Price: $14.98

Baroque Pink

This is a romantic and joyful perfume! The packaging is super cute and the bottle is very intriguing.

Main Accords:

Sweet, Fruity, and White Floral

Price: $22.55


212 VIP

This is the fragrance for young and stylish. The bottle is unique and glamorous.

Main Accords:

Sweet, Vanilla, Rum, Tropical, Fruity, and White Floral

Price: $34.45


Moschino Fresh Couture

This perfume is fresh and surprising. The bottle would be confused with Windex spray at first which is pretty cool!

Main Accords:

Citrus, Floral, Sweet, Fruity, and Fresh

Price: $49.90


Nautica Blue

This fragrance is an aquatic and aromatic one.  Simplicity in design matches the blue color of the fragrance well.

Main Accords:

Woody, Fruity, Sweet, Fresh, White Floral, and Acquatic

Price: $9.35


Insurrection II Pure

It’s a sophisticated yet happy perfume. The white box and bottle are a nice representation of simplicity of this perfume.

Main Accords:

Fruity, Sweet, Fresh, leather, and woody

Price: $18.95


Versace L’homme

This is a classic and sharp perfume. The packaging has changed over the years but succeeded in staying classy.

Main Accords:

Citrus, Woody, Warm Spicy, Aromatic, and Leather

Price: $25.85

Valentino Uomo

Uomo is a modern and casual fragrance. The bottle is one of the most beautiful bottles for men’s perfume.

Main Accords:

Woody, Nutty, Sweet, Cacao, Warm spicy, and Coffee

Price: $39.60

English Laundry Arrogant

This perfume has a woody character. The box is very luxurious in brown with gold letters.

Main Accords:

Woody, Aromatic, Fresh Spicy, Powdery, Balsamic, and Floral

Price: $47.10


Don’t forget to check back this week for more gift guides in different price ranges.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

How to know if your perfume is authentic.

fake perfume


The gifting season is here and everybody is starting to make their purchases. For those of us who are in love with online shopping, there is always the question of authenticity of the product. So, we created a checklist for perfume authenticity.


Check the Wrapping

Check that the wrapping is not loose.  The cellophane is usually thick and clean so, keep an eye out for wrapping that in not clear and clean.


Check the box

Check the quality of the box and check boxes for any misspelled words.


Serial and Batch Number

The serial number on the box should be the same as the one on the bottle. Also, you can check the batch number that is engraved or printed on the box on CheckCosmetic and if the batch is not found you should be concerned.


Check the quality of the bottle

Authentic perfumes have smooth clear bottles. Bubbles, sharp edges, and an imperfect bottle should be red flags.


Know Your Seller

I think this is the most important one. Look for Google trusted websites with good customer reviews. Also, Check that they have all their contact information on their website.


Things to bear in mind:

If you are buying from Ebay or Amazon don’t assume that you know the seller. I’ve seen people buying from those websites and not realizing that there are different sellers listed on both websites.

I’ve also heard many say all the perfumes you buy from those websites are fake. They are both misconceptions. Check the seller if they have good ratings you can trust them. No seller with a 97% rating is going to risk losing their rating and customer by selling counterfeit products.

Slight differences in packaging or smell might happen from batch to batch. Do your research before assuming something is fake. My recommended website is Basenotes, you can check their forums and ask your questions.

If you receive a decoded perfume don’t assume that it is fake. Many suppliers/wholesalers remove the code from some of the designer fragrances because they do not want the manufacturer to find out which country these items are coming from. The code on the box shows the region a fragrance comes from and from what distributor. This does not mean item was used or altered in any ways.
Also, some brands like Viktor & Rolf, Thierry Mugler have unique codes inside their fragrance boxes that can be registered on their website to receive free samples or gifts. Registration number or code is only available if you pay the full retail amount. If a customer is buying at a discount price, the code will not be available to them most of the time. Again this does not mean the items are not original!Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail