Perfumes for Pisces

PISCES February 19 – March 20 

Pisces element is water and they are drawn to romance and visually appealing stuff. Think of a unique bottle, with aquatic juice.

Pisceans presence is really calming so we are suggesting some feel good perfumes to match their aura. Here are some suggestions for people born Between February 19th and March 20th.

Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

This aromatic scent is a mixture of mint leaves and lemon, aquatic jasmine, dewy peony, and pink pepper, cedar, yellow sugar, and labdanum.

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

A floral wave of white Sambac jasmine and tuberose is placed in contrast with the mysterious and deep notes of tonka bean and cocoa.

Hos N.003 by House of Sillage

This is a fresh yet unique scent that can peak the interest of Piceans.

Fragrance notes are Sea notes, sage, ambergris, akigala wood, volcanic rock accord.

08 SEYLON by Odin

This one is a mysterious juice that will appeal to the day dreamer in the Pisces.

Fragrance notes are Yuzu, Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Resinous Elemi, Wormwood, Benzoin, Damp Oakmoss, and Vetiver.


Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List


This is the second holiday gift guide. Next week we will have a gift guide for $100 and more.

Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

This Floral and classic perfume would make a great gift. The bottle is interesting and cute.

Main Accords:

Floral, Powdery, Rose, Woody, Green, and Fresh Spicy

Price: $54.80


Anthology Zizonia by Penhaligon’s

This is a fresh spicy perfume. The package and bottle are super cute and vampire-approved.

Main Accords:

Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Woody, Warm Spicy, and citrus

Price: $66


La Vie Est Belle L’Eau de Parfum Intense by Lancome

This perfume is very sweet and floral. The bottle is elegant and sweet.

Main Accords:

Sweet, Woody, White Floral, Nutty, and Powdery

Price: $73.99


Poudre by Valentino

This is a great gift for someone who loves powdery notes. The bottle is unique and very chic.

Main Accords:

Powdery, Vanilla, Woody, Floral, Balsamic, and Tuberose

Price: $81.99


1 Million Cologne by Paco Rabanne

This is a very popular aromatic perfume. The bottle is similar to 1 million so it is like a gold bar.

Main Accords:

Citrus, Aromatic, Rose, Warm Spicy, and Marine

Price: $53.40

Dior Homme Intense by Christian Dior

This is a woody musk fragrance. The bottle is classy and sexy.

Main Accords:

Woody, Floral, Powdery, Aromatic, and musky

Price: $68.45


Intenso by Dolce & Gabbana

This fragrance is fresh spicy and sweet.  The bottle is elegant and stylish.

Main Accords:

Fresh Spicy, Aromatic, Herbal, Sweet, Green, and Woody

Price: $75.95

Himalaya by Creed

This is another amazing fragrance by creed. The 1 oz. bottle is perfect for collectors.

Main Accords:

Citrus, Woody, Musky, Powdery, Amber, and Balsamic

Price: $84.95


Get Shopping! 


Celebrity Perfumes


The question that comes to mind when hearing about celebrity perfumes becoming the best-seller is that, are the celebrity fans the only ones who would wear the perfume or are they actually nice smelling perfumes that anybody can enjoy?
Well, there is no definite answer to that since, taste in perfume is very personal and differs from person to person. But these are the top 10 celebrity perfumes that have the best reviews and ratings; and everything you need to know about them!

Sofia Vegara

10. Sofia by Sofia Vergara
Sofia Vergara, the actress best known for her role in Modern Family launched her perfume in collaboration with Parlux.
Top Notes: juicy blackberry, sparkling cassis buds and plum
Middle Notes: violet, Colombian rose and Colombian orchid
Base Notes: sandalwood, vanilla and earthy woods
What people are saying about it:
“If Chanel Chance and J’adore had a baby”
“It smells fruity oriental, rich, dense, sweet, delicious!”
“Sillage – 9/10
Longevity -9/10
Overall Beauty of Scent -9/10”


9. Heat by Beyonce
Beyonce, the famous singer launched her first perfume, Heat, in 2010 in collaboration with Coty.
Top Notes: red vanilla-orchid, magnolia, neroli and peach
Middle Notes: honeysuckle, almond and musky cream
Base Notes: sequoia wood, tonka and amber
What people are saying about it:
“Peach, peach and a whole lot more peach. Juicy and sweet, which for a fragrance called Heat is slightly surprising. Lovely scent.”
“This fragrance is very well made. Best on COOL, breezy summer days, or humid nights.”
“I would say it’s proper to wear it on evening, when you want to feel very seductive and sexy.”


8. Truth or Dare by Madonna
Madonna, the queen of pop launched her first perfume in 2012 in collaboration with Coty.
Top Notes: gardenia, creamy tuberose and neroli
Middle Notes: jasmine, benzoin and white lily
Base Notes: vanilla absolute, caramelized amber and sensual musk
What people are saying about it:
“It’s very comforting in winter, don’t do the mistake of wearing it in the summer though”
“This one is loud. All I can think is it’s loud. It’s big. It’s like a white flower cymbal crash.”
“Pure Madonna: you have to be True to yourself and to Dare to do something!”



7. I Fancy You by Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson, the singer launched this perfume in 2011 with collaboration with Parlux.
Top Notes: Bergamot, fuji apple and pear
Middle Notes: Hyacinth, tuberose and lily of the valley
Base Notes: Sandalwood and musk
What people are saying about it:
“I fancy you is a very pretty smell. It’s clean, refreshing, floral and feminine.”
“Just a beautiful soft fragrance. Am definitely more interested in the Fancy line.”
“This is another lovely scent Simpson. Great job!”


6. White Diamond by Elizabeth Taylor
Elizabeth Taylor, actress and fashion icon launched her perfume in 1991 with collaboration with Elizabeth Arden.

Top Notes: aldehydes, bergamot, neroli, orange and lily
Middle Notes: violet, rose and jasmine, ylang-ylang, Egyptian tuberose and narcissus
Base Notes: oak moss, patchouli, musk, sandalwood and amber.
What people are saying about it:
“Beautiful and sophisticated perfume.”
“So lovely and very unique.”
“A true masterpiece from the Eighties, really a perfume a Hollywood star could wear, packed with tuberose and aldehydes.
Intense and long-lasting, so it is better to be careful and not apply too much.”


5. Glow by Jennifer Lopez
Jeniffer Lopez, the famous singer, launched her perfume in 2002 in collaboration with Coty.
Top Notes: neroli, pink grapefruit and orange blossom
Middle Notes: rose, tuberose and Jasmine
Base Notes: sandalwood, amber, musk, iris and vanilla.
What people are saying about it:
“Not a loud, shouty perfume, a soft and gentle scent this one.”
“Sexy, Simple, Fresh!!”
“It’s a great everyday scent, very clean and fresh, and a little sweet. I always felt the name really suited the fragrance–there’s a light, gentle warmth to it.”


4. Fame by Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga launched her perfume in 2012 in collaboration her own The Haus Laboratories Paris and fragrance company Coty.

The fragrance doesn’t obey the rule of hierarchy composition and uses “push-pull technology” that let you smell all the notes at the same time.
Notes: apricot, saffron, Incense, Jasmine Sambac, Orchid, belladonna and honey
What people are saying about it:
“I LOVE THE ORCHARD! You can smell a lot of the notes in this fragrance and they all mix so well! I love the combination of the orchard with apricot and honey! Very nice!”
“I love this perfume and it is sweet yet a mysterious smell but there is no sillage at all.”
“I love this perfume. It’s sweet enough to be an everyday scent, but the incense gives it a sexy undertone.”


3.Can Can by Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton launched this perfume in 2007 in collaboration with Parlux.
Top Notes: clementine blossom, black currant and nectarine
Middle Notes: wild orchid and orange blossom
Base Notes: soft musk, amber and precious woods
What people are saying about it:
“This smells juicy, sweet, tart, and spicy all in one fragrance.”
“I love perfume that smells feminine yet clean and this does smell that way.”
“If this perfume were a friend, she would be your annoyingly happy friend. The one where when you’re stressed, need to focus, or have something serious to attend to, you shouldn’t go near.”


2. Fantasy by Britney Spears

Britney Spears launched Fantasy in 2005 in collaboration with Elizabeth Arden.
Top Notes: litchi, golden quince and kiwi
Middle Notes: cupcake, orchid, jasmine and white chocolate.
Base Notes: orris root, musk and woods
What people are saying about it:
“I am positively surprised with this one. I fall in love with it and I fall hard! I understand now why it has so many fans. It is simply delicious!”
“Fantasy smells like fruity…..vanilla chocolate….almost like a chocolate sundae drizzled generously with fresh fruit. It smells really nice.”
“Definitely a go-to fragrance that you can wear anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Very charming, sweet, and very beautiful.”

Lovely ads1

1. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker’s first fragrance was launched in 2005 in collaboration with Coty.
Top Notes: martini, bergamot, lavender and mandarin orange
Middle Notes: White pepper, patchouli and orchid
Base Notes white amber, cedar, woody notes and white musk.
What people are saying about it:
“I truly adore this scent. I can’t describe to you how it smells but it’s very unique! I love it!”
“Lovely! Just as the name says! Very sexy & classy perfume. Fell in luv with it upon first sniff 5 yrs ago & still luv it now.”
“This starts out with prominent old rose, and settles down to a strong musk.”

I hope this helps everybody to choose. Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Top Niche Perfume Brands That Need Your Attention Right Now

Niche Perfumes Brands

A very important part of your persona and identity, niche perfumes communicate much more than your demeanor or clothes. As you speak, lounge or try to impress, these fragrances attract the attention of others, even before they get to know you. Good smells impact human sensory experiences, give off certain vibes, and evoke memories too. Because of this, desirable or otherwise, fashion brands are inextricably weaving fragrances into their brands, employing models that impress, and trying their best for luring in new customers. Acqua di Gio, Polo Sport, or Light Blue…. The list of niche fragrances is indeed endless.

Here, we round up some of the most coveted contemporary and centuries-old houses that are known for their customized, popular, as well as made-to-measure scents. So, if you are still hooked on to Axe, it’s time to move on dude!

Annick Goutal


Annick Goutal, a well-known name in French High Perfumery, boasts of experienced own in-house perfumers. This brand sticks to the highest metrics of authenticity and quality by making everything, from conceptualization of scents to packaging, in France (exclusively and on their own). The niche perfumes offered by this brand are the handiwork of expert craftsmen.

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