Black Owned Perfume Brands and Creators to Support.

In honor of Juneteenth we created a list of Black Owned fragrance Brands and Black creators in the fragrance community.


1. Chris Collins

Super model Chris Collins launched his own fragrance line in 2017. Currently he has 7 fragrances, and is sold in 5 countries.



2. Savoire Faire

In November 2017 Chris Classic released his own fragrance, called Savoir Faire.  He calls his creations “fragrances for people of many layers.” They are all blended, bottled and boxed by him.



3. Ovation

The team at Ovation, Shawn Crenshaw, Fadelf Jackson, and Cecil Cross., decided to come up with fragrances specifically targeted towards men of color. With their catchy motto “every man deserves an ovation” we think you should definitely check them out.



4. Mair

Mair Emenogu is the owner and creator of Mair fragrances. The perfumer behind the fragrance is Frederic Cohen. ‘Remember When’ is available for purchase on their website.



Black Creators that you should check out and where to find them:

Big Beard Business, Fragrance Reviewer



Mr.Cologne, Fragrance Reviewer


Tiff Benson, Fragrance Reviewer and founder of The Fragrance Society



Gicquel Boris Aphanou, Photographer



There are many more amazing brand and creators, we invite you to share them in the comments of this blog.


5 key Perfumes trends all men must know

They probably won’t be as clear as runway trends, yet there are subtle moves in what’s hot in perfumery happening constantly. What’s more, in case you’re the sort of fellow who likes to stay up with the latest, is there any good reason why you wouldn’t spruce up your fragrance line-up as well?

Perfumes trends have a tendency to be less recognizable contrasted with trends in garments, absolutely on the grounds that garments are more discernible than perfume – however there are perfumes trends. Not exclusively does the fragrance world seeks the catwalk for motivation, perfumes for him creators are continually endeavoring to discover new olfactory domains to investigate.

So what perfumes trends are worth focusing on at the present moment? Here are five perfumes trends that all men must know.

Spice Bombs

From the cool cardamom and the zingy ginger to interesting dark pepper and intensely hot bean stew, spices are all over this season, testing the sweet epicure as well as oud trends of the most recent couple of years for strength in perfumes for him.

Fiery scents are to your fragrance closet what jumpers are to your attire one, warm and comforting, however sexier as well.


Similarly menswear homes in on a specific shading or cut each season, once in a while certain fragrance notes ascend to prominence in perfumery. Lately, everything from smoky odd to the interesting pink pepper has ended up kind of the month.

In any case, this pre-winter its saffron’s turn, regularly named the King of Spices because of its shortage and cost. Sweet, hearty and somewhat leathery, saffron mixes particularly well with woody notes giving them additional profundity, so pay special mind to it in the event that you like fragrance for him, warm, attractive and fiery.

Dark Knights

The perfumes for him industry is well known for utilizing shading as a signpost to a scent’s temperament or character. Red, for instance, says blazing and sweltering; yellow is citrusy and summery; and blue oceanic. So as you may expect, dark – this present season’s favored shading for fragrance bundling – signifies scents that are intense, dark, sensual and somewhat secretive.

Boutique Perfumeries

In case that you need verification that specialty or ’boutique’ fragrances are where it’s at the present moment, you just need to take a gander at the details.

Offers of boutique fragrances costing more than £200 a container have quadrupled over the most recent five years, and as per drift Analysis Company NPD Group there’s been a 36 for each penny increment in the quantity of specialty fragrance for him available since 2011. On account of men getting progressively perceiving in their fragrance purchasing habits, it’s this area of the market where development is going on.

Seventies Scents

There is unquestionably a pattern right now for woody, musky fougère perfumes for him with barbershop botanical notes of lavender and jasmine, which recommend tastefulness and certainty and behold back to a period of customary qualities and decorum, of valor and exquisite, refined manliness.

Ideal for adults, these perfumes trends are additionally awesome for more youthful folks needing to kick back against non-specific, mass-showcase fragrances bound with sweet, foodie notes or the bitter aquatic ones.


Perfumes for Pisces

PISCES February 19 – March 20 

Pisces element is water and they are drawn to romance and visually appealing stuff. Think of a unique bottle, with aquatic juice.

Pisceans presence is really calming so we are suggesting some feel good perfumes to match their aura. Here are some suggestions for people born Between February 19th and March 20th.

Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

This aromatic scent is a mixture of mint leaves and lemon, aquatic jasmine, dewy peony, and pink pepper, cedar, yellow sugar, and labdanum.

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

A floral wave of white Sambac jasmine and tuberose is placed in contrast with the mysterious and deep notes of tonka bean and cocoa.

Hos N.003 by House of Sillage

This is a fresh yet unique scent that can peak the interest of Piceans.

Fragrance notes are Sea notes, sage, ambergris, akigala wood, volcanic rock accord.

08 SEYLON by Odin

This one is a mysterious juice that will appeal to the day dreamer in the Pisces.

Fragrance notes are Yuzu, Bitter Orange, Bergamot, Nutmeg, Resinous Elemi, Wormwood, Benzoin, Damp Oakmoss, and Vetiver.


What Are You Wearing on Valentine’s?

Which perfume will you be wearing this Valentine’s Day? Are you going for a sexy scent or a flirty and sweet scent?

Here are what some of us at the office chose for this day.

What: Vera Wang Princess


Why? ” It’s a compliment getter. I usually wear something sweet on dates to compliment the scent of our dessert.”

Price: $22.8


What? Jimmy Choo for Women


Why? “It has such an elegant and distinctive scent.  It smells super feminine.”

Price: $49.16


What?  Christan Dior J’adore


Why? ” It is constantly on the list of best smelling fragrances. It makes me feel so confident.”

Price: $134.95


What? Armaf Club De Nuit Intense


Why? ” It smells like Aventus but it’s much cheaper. Need I say More?”

Price:  $31.20


What? Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio 


Why? ” I’ve been wearing this for the past 6 years and my wife still loves it better than any other one of my perfumes.”

Price: $58.95


What? Christian Dior Sauvage


Why? ” It is spicy, sexy and masculine. Perfect for a date! ”

Price: $89.95


Let us know what you’ll wear.Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Which Perfumes to Wear on a Job Interview?

Going on a job interview is stressful enough without thinking about what to wear. But, it is the first impression that you are making and very important. Here we will give some suggestion for which perfumes to wear on a job interview to make it a bit easier for you.

The most important thing to bear in mind is that less is more. You should go with something fresh with low sillage, try to choose a scent that stays close to your skin. Here are some examples of what would be good choices.

DKNY Be Delicious  

It has an apple note which is very pleasant and not overwhelming at all.

Gucci Bamboo

It is soft and citrusy. sits close to the skin but has a very good longevity.

 Clean Warm cotton

Any other Clean perfume would work too. This one is fresh, citrusy and aquatic.

Armani Acqua Di Gio

This is one of the most popular fragrance from Armani. It’s a very unique yet not offensive scent.


Mont Blanc Individuel

It’s been called a dupe for Creed Green Irish Tweed. Both very fresh and sweet, this scent will make you and the interviewer in a good mood.


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Holiday Bundles at MaxAroma

Last week we had a poll on our Instagram and asked you if you’d like to see pocket perfume bundles and the majority of you said yes. I’m happy to say this week we have added many Holiday Bundles and we will add more.

They make a perfect stocking stuffer for holidays but also, they are great if you’d like to experience a brand but don’t know where to start. In that sense, you can gift them to yourself as a trial bundle. You will also save money by buying the bundle rather than buying the same 3 pocket perfumes and, who doesn’t want to save money, especially in the holiday season.

Each bundle comes with 3 pocket perfumes that are the best sellers of the brand. Here are some examples of what we currently have but remember we are adding more each week. Hurry up and get yours because these are limited edition and we have free shipping in the U.S.


Creed Bundle for Men includes:

Creed Green Irish Tweed Eau de Parfum 8 ml
Creed Bois du Portugal Eau de Parfum 8 ml
Creed Erolfa Eau de Parfum 8 ml

Chanel Bundle for Women Includes:

Chanel Chance EDP 8 ml
Chanel Coco Chanel EDP 8 ml
Chanel Chance Eau Vive EDP 8 ml

Atelier Cologne Bundle for Men & Women

Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme Cologne Absolue 8 ml
Atelier Cologne Mistral Patchouli Cologne Absolue 8 ml
Atelier Cologne Trefle Pur Cologne Absolue 8 ml


Whoever receives these as a gift will love it. They are great to toss in your bag, have in your carry on or just put on your vanity.

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Jubilation XXV by Amouage

Amouage Jubilation Xxv for Men


Jubilation XXV is an example of a true Masterpiece of the Niche fragrance industry!


Jubilation XXV has this remarkable fruitiness right out of the bottle. It’s wonderfully interesting as it forms a slightly sour-bitter accord with the coriander, cinnamon, clove, and a perfectly zesty orange citrus…

This initial accord is soon joined by amazing Amouage signature frankincense! The magical resin immediately gives the fruit accord some weight, pulling it back from sweetness and focusing on the spices… These are all very distinct notes, but they are singing in a five-part harmony voiced by angels! Into the heart with rose and more resin from guaiac-wood, honey, orchid, everything in balance with the frankincense front and center but never stealing the show.


As Jubilation XXV develops, more resinous, more opulent notes are added to the  mix – moss, cedarwood , and oud –  but they are tamed by musk, sweet myrrh, patchouli, and salty hints of ambergris… The unique maple syrupy/curry accord of immortelle flower reveals a hint of leather in the deep and gorgeous dry-down.


Jubilation XXV is a vibrant symphony of rich Regal notes and complex accords, it is divinely sumptuous, luscious and harmonious to perfection! It is also a bright, colorful, and happy incense fragrance, with a unique personality – it comes and goes, it plays hide and seek, but at all times it is well-behaved and never intrusive… The incense seems to come alive on your skin and reads your moods, receding into the background when not needed, stepping forward when required to soothe your soul. Jubilation XXV is the quintessential incense fragrance, bar-none. This one is a must have for fragrance lovers, a true MASTERPIECE!


April Empties

If you are new to our blog welcome! At the end of each month, we tell you which one of our bottles got emptied by making pocket perfumes. Basically, it is our most popular pocket perfumes of the month.  So let’s get to it.

1. Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for men

Fragrance notes are Mandarin, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Juniper, Rosemary, Pepper, Rosewood, Musk, Incense, Oakmoss.

Full Bottle: $25.99
Pocket Perfume: $5.5

2. Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine Unisex

Fragrance notes are Blood Orange, Bitter Orange, Jasmine, Geranium, Amber Woods, Tonka Beans, and Sandalwood.

 Full Bottle: $128
Pocket Perfume: $7.5

3. Escentric Molecules Molecule 01  Unisex

It’s  a Woody Floral Musk fragrance.
Full Bottle: $102.95
Pocket Perfume: $8.5

4. Armaf Club De Nuit Intense for Men

The fragrance notes are  lemon, black currant, apple, rose, jasmine, birch, vanilla, ambergris, musk, and patchouli.
Full Bottle: $25
Pocket Perfume: $4.99



Best Spring Fragrances

The spring is here and it is time to talk about best perfumes for spring. I wrote about this in the last years too so I’m trying to mention new perfumes here.

Best Spring Fragrances for Women

1.Miu Miu

Main Accords are:

Green, Floral, Rose, White Floral, and citrus

Promising Review: “This may be my favorite perfume ever! The floral opening is less than unique, but still lovely and well-blended. What does it for me is an interesting peppery-ness in the dry down that I can’t get enough of. This surely comes from the wood note. It’s def a unique element that may not be compatible with everyone’s tastes or body chemistry. I, however, am in love <3”

2.Gucci Bamboo

Main Accords are: White Floral, Citrus, Woody, Yellow floral, and Sweet

Promising Review: ” Love the scent, its fresh but mild. Perfect for spring day wear. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I don’t feel like it lasts more than a couple of hours. It’s worth it for the time you can smell it though!”

3. Christian Dior J’adore

Main Accords are: Floral, Fruity, White Floral, Sweet and aquatic

Promising Review: “Beautiful perfume, I find it fresh like being on a beach its not an old Lady perfume. I’m In love with it, I can’t stop smelling my wrist its such a lovely scent and Long lasting on me which is rare!”

4.Vince Camuto Bella

Main Accords are: Citrus, White Floral, Amber, Animalic and fresh spicy

Promising Review: ” Really like this! Instant tropical fruity piña colada in a bottle! And what a bottle! It’s definitely one of the prettiest perfume bottles I’ve come across.”

5. Tory Burch Absolu

Main Accords are: Woody, White floral, Soft spicy, floral, tuberose, green

Promising Review: “Fruity Berry opening. But more sophisticated and matured, not candy-like. Comes off to me as pears. sweet slightly medicinal finish, Long lasting, even in hot Florida weather.
Not bad, goes with the fashion line. Doesn’t really stand out for me.
Longevity: Long lasting
sillage: moderate.”

Best Spring Fragrances for Men

1.Chanel Allure Homme Sport

Main Accords are: Citrus, Aromatic, aldehydic, marine, fresh spicy and vanilla

Promising Review: “Everything about this one is great. Even now in the colder autumn weather I think it’s still appropriate because of the creamy tonka bean and vanilla. The go-to fragrance of all time!”

 2. Acqua Di Gio Profumo

Main Accords are: Aromatic, Marine, Fresh spicy, Balsamic, smoky and citrus
Promising Review: ” Very nice scent, similar to the original one, but while the original would be mostly used day time in summer, this one I would say day and night. Plus I see nothing wrong as time goes on things need to get updated otherwise would be dated and that’s what they did to the original.”

3. Paco Rabanne Invictus

Main Accords are: Citrus, Marine, Aromatic, Fresh Spicy, and woody

Promising Review: ” Though I detest the bottle, this guy is fantastic! Don’t throw this one out because of the cheesy marketing – it is a great fragrance. Take Acqua di Gio and Individuel and mix them and you get this. Great longevity – just a really great fragrance.”

4. Versace Dylan Blue

Main Accords are: Citrus, fresh spicy, musky, amber and balsamic
Promising Review: “I never wore cologne because I couldn’t find one I liked enough to wear consistently and purchase…I wear this everyday and can’t go a day without getting a compliment on this scent!”

5. Bvlgari Aqva Amara

Main Accords are: Citrus, aquatic, balsamic, fresh, white floral, and smoky

Promising Review: ” Its an aquatic citrusy masculine fragrance. It opens with a blast of citrus (I swear i can smell orange blossom in here). Its a compliment getter and suits i guess the casual wear in high summer heat. Its a sexy fragrance, appreciated by the people around you more than appreciated by the person who wore it. Masculine, not unisex.”


Let me know your favorite perfume to wear in the spring in the comment.

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Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensée First Impressions

Check out our Youtube channel for more fragrance reviews and first impression. Right here is the Atelier cologne Vanille Insensee review by our team member Kasey.

You can buy this perfume here: