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best creed colognes
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Best Creed Colognes

If you always wanted to try a niche fragrance brand you’d know Creed. To help you in choosing one to try I am listing the best Creed colognes.  And of course, you can get all of them in Pocket Perfume size before committing to a full bottle.   Men Aventus …

la rive parfum
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La Rive Parfums Review Part 1

This is our collaboration with the amazing YouTuber from Cubaknows  Check his channel for fun reviews of fragrances. See his impressions on La Rive Parfums for men and wait for his review on the women’s collection.  

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La Rive Perfumes

LA RIVE is one of the leading perfume producers in Poland. They produce high-quality fragrances with a great price. Here we are exploring notes and feels of the perfumes that we carry from this line.   La Rive Women’s Fragrances   Cash Inspired by Paco Rabanne Lady Million TOP NOTES:  raspberry, …

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B9 by Bond No 9

B9 by Bond No.9 is a fairly new fragrance from the house of Bond No.9. The inspiration for the name and scent of this perfume comes from the brand’s first store address in New York, 9 Bond Street.  The perfume bottle showcases the new logo for their brand, it is …

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Amouage Sunshine for Men

The composition for Amouage Sunshine for Men: Base Note: Cedar, Vanilla, Tonka Bean Middle Notes: Clary Sage, Juniper Berries, Bergamot Top Notes: Immortelle, Lavender, Orange, Brandy   Amouage Sunshine for men may not be what you expect of this perfume house. It is not as oriental, heavy or woody as …

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Perfumes to Tempt the Opposite Sex!

We had an unofficial poll and we have the answer to one of your important questions when buying perfume. Which perfume does the opposite sex find Tempting? Here are the top 3 in each category. Let us know what you think! Female Sexy Perfumes According to Men Viva La Juicy …

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You should Get These Fall Fragrances NOW !

You should Get These Fall Fragrances NOW ! Journey by Amouage for Women “The luxurious notes of honey-coated jasmine petals, jasmine tea, osmanthus, and apricot appeal to our modern-day tastes.” Dot by Marc Jacobs for Women “The juicy and exciting opening is followed by a floral trio composed of honeysuckle, …

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Our Favorite Perfume Campaigns

Below are our favorite perfume campaigns. We are introducing the perfumes along with the celebrity that features in their campaigns. Men   Jimmy Choo: English actor Kit Harington from Game of Thrones is the face of Jimmy Choo Man Perfume. Jimmy Choo Man is the first fragrance for men from …

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Common Fragrance Notes and How They Smell Men’s Edition

In this post, we will some common fragrance notes and how they smell. We will also recommend a perfume based on your favorite note. Oriental: Benzoin: Benzoin has a sweet almost vanilla-like smell. Some people describe the smell as the smell of root beer. If you like the smell of …