How to know if your perfume is authentic.

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The gifting season is here and everybody is starting to make their purchases. For those of us who are in love with online shopping, there is always the question of authenticity of the product. So, we created a checklist for perfume authenticity.


Check the Wrapping

Check that the wrapping is not loose.  The cellophane is usually thick and clean so, keep an eye out for wrapping that in not clear and clean.


Check the box

Check the quality of the box and check boxes for any misspelled words.


Serial and Batch Number

The serial number on the box should be the same as the one on the bottle. Also, you can check the batch number that is engraved or printed on the box on CheckCosmetic and if the batch is not found you should be concerned.


Check the quality of the bottle

Authentic perfumes have smooth clear bottles. Bubbles, sharp edges, and an imperfect bottle should be red flags.


Know Your Seller

I think this is the most important one. Look for Google trusted websites with good customer reviews. Also, Check that they have all their contact information on their website.


Things to bear in mind:

If you are buying from Ebay or Amazon don’t assume that you know the seller. I’ve seen people buying from those websites and not realizing that there are different sellers listed on both websites.

I’ve also heard many say all the perfumes you buy from those websites are fake. They are both misconceptions. Check the seller if they have good ratings you can trust them. No seller with a 97% rating is going to risk losing their rating and customer by selling counterfeit products.

Slight differences in packaging or smell might happen from batch to batch. Do your research before assuming something is fake. My recommended website is Basenotes, you can check their forums and ask your questions.

If you receive a decoded perfume don’t assume that it is fake. Many suppliers/wholesalers remove the code from some of the designer fragrances because they do not want the manufacturer to find out which country these items are coming from. The code on the box shows the region a fragrance comes from and from what distributor. This does not mean item was used or altered in any ways.
Also, some brands like Viktor & Rolf, Thierry Mugler have unique codes inside their fragrance boxes that can be registered on their website to receive free samples or gifts. Registration number or code is only available if you pay the full retail amount. If a customer is buying at a discount price, the code will not be available to them most of the time. Again this does not mean the items are not original!