Make your everyday look into Festival Look| Spring Makeup

Watch to the end to see a simple act that can add a bling to your look and make it great for festivals.
Disclaimer: I’m not a makeup artist in any way. The point of these videos is to make makeup looks that need zero skills to recreate. Hope you enjoy!

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Let’s Talk About Holidays

It’s time for holiday parties so we decided to gather some inspiration for holiday looks. holiday-look-3

Pair your green jumpsuit with black accessories for a subtle holiday look. For ultimate Christmas look go with true red lips and a unique scent.

You can never go wrong with pairing black and gold. Use bold lips and a sweet perfume.

holiday-look2Of course red is on our list for holiday outfits. Keep your look natural but your perfume spicy.

Check out this video for an easy 5 minute Holiday look.


I will list what I used here but feel free to use your own makeup. I try to keep my makeup videos easy and attainable. It is just a guideline that you can use. I love glitters for holiday parties so I pack them up on my eyes and lips. Also there is a list of what I used in the video in the description box. (and what I used on my face to get ready for this video.)


Happy Holidays Everybody!


When to Toss Your Beauty Supplies?

When you have a lot of makeups and lotions you might forget to use them all. The question is when to toss your beauty supplies?  If you have not used them yet and they smell and look fine to you can still use them. However, when you start using them keep this chart in mind:Makeup Expiration

Keep your Mascara, Face mask and peels and loofah up to three months.

Your liquid eyeliner, foundation, concealers, face washes, eye creams and serums can stay up to a year.

Say goodbye to your Lip Gloss, Cream eyeshadow, sunscreen, bar soap, shower gel and eyebrow gel after a year and half.

2 years is the time for eye-pencil, lipstick, nail polish, lip pencil, blushes and eyeshadow, pressed powder and scrubs to go.

Toss your shampoo, conditioner, Body lotion, hairspray and perfumes after 3 years.

If your makeup already has an expiration day on it, use that as your guide.

Time to clean out your makeup bag!