Galloway by Parfums de Marly


This amazing Parfums de Marly release from 2013 is a unisex Citrus Aromatic scent, that is definitely great for Spring and Summer days as this composition is more on the gentle and relaxed spectrum of things!

Galloway by Parfums de Marly :

Top Note: Citrus Notes(Bergamot, Amalfi and Sicilian lemons, Red, black and Sichuan Peppers.

Heart Note: Iris and Orange Blossom.

Base Note: Ambergris and Musk.


(SOS) Snippet of the Scent:


Galloway fuses iris and orange blossom notes into this amazing unisex floral and musky heart. The iris is warmed by the sunny and bright orange blossoms, taking away its cool aloofness. The blossoms are brighter thanks to the regal iris’s smooth green earthy overtones. After this rousing ride, the finish of golden amber and musk exude a sweet inviting and intriguing aura. Finally Galloway dries-down to a warmed amber and exhilarated sensuous soft musk. This is definitely a stellar fragrance for both genders and great for the warmer days! A great addition to any fragrance wardrobe for sure!

Projection & Sillage:  Are above average! and Longevity: is Very good!


Oajan by Parfums de Marly (Arabian Breed Collection)


Oajan by Parfums de Marly is an amazing offering from the Arabian Breed Collection. This Oriental Spicy fragrance for women and men offers:

Top notes of cinnamon, honey and osmanthus;
Middle notes of benzoin, labdanum, ambergris and artemisia;
Base notes of patchouli, musk, vanila and tonka bean.

(SOS) Snippet of the Scent:

This opulent composition is deeply sweet while exuding timeless grace, perfumer Shyamala Masondieu balanced each level of this offering development exquisitely. Osmanthus lends a delicately floral apricot aura to the opening, flanked by cinnamon, to add warm woodiness, and honey oozing heavy and golden. It trots steadily to the gate, puffing hot breath from its nostrils, as it shakes it silky mane. A resinous lover’s paradise awaits in Oajan’s heart of labdanum fused with amber and benzoin, then brushed and rubbed down with davana. The dark booziness captures the fragrance’s strength and power, as the resins accent the powerful strides when the scent is truly airborne while in full gallop. The gourmand-tinged, very eastern dry down shows more of the Persian influence on the breed, while maintaining its intrinsic beauty and Arabian heritage with a delicate touch of oud. This leapt across the finish line in a cloud of crumbly resin dust and spiced musk. Sillage: is great and Longevity: is excellent!
This Oriental gourmand delicacy is the the same vain as glazed almonds, marzipan or amaretto, reminiscent of such delectable delicacies! This one is a MUST for any fragrance lover and a fan of the modern gourmand genre!


Christian Siriano Silhouette

Silhouette has crisp notes of cassis, wet greens and purple berries echoing shades of blue, both soft and bright. The scent unfolds to feminine and whimsical notes of jasmine, rose, and freesia, and deepens to notes of wood and moss for a modern and unexpected edge!


Classification: Oriental floral
The notes featured are: grapefruit, cassis, green apple, freesia, purple berries, oakmoss, green notes and woods.

This Eau de Parfum creation evokes:
“ A silhouette has so many romantic meanings, but the shape and form of the body in the female figure is what this fragrance is all about, – every woman can wear it and feel fantastic in it!”

This fragrance emulates the way Christian was able to create something that is timeless and classic but still has a unique edge and modern signature to it.
The top notes were inspired by the gorgeous blue color of the fabric— bright and dusky all at once, like a calm deep blue sky after a storm.
A feeling of freshness was captured by a combination of cassis and wet greens for a crisp, aromatic effect with hints of purple berries.
Like the dress, the fragrance unfolds in a succession of ethereal layers; delicate floating petals of jasmine, rose and freesia to create a sense of innocence and femininity and added whipped, sophisticated gourmand notes for a fun playful twist. The heart of the scent is light-hearted and whimsical, mirroring the light, flowing layers of tulle in the dress.
The base of the fragrance compliments the soft femininity of the heart with more masculine notes of woods and moss, giving the fragrance a fresh, yet contemporary feel. A true work of art, a perfume that will be sure to get you noticed and complimented!


Parfums de Marly Herod

Exuding a combination that is both royal and exotic, this amazing composition: Herod is truly a masterpiece. That echoes on the stunning reputation of the prestigious house that is Parfums de Marly!


Parfums de Marly Herod

The Parfums de Marly fragrance collection, named after the famed French Marly castle, draws inspiration from the legacy of Louis XV and his love of breeding thorough pure blood stallions and creating perfumes. Each bottle reflects this rich heritage with an embossed crest and rich accents. Herod is a smoky, tobacco and vanilla scent named after a famed stallion of the 18th century.

Classification: woody spicy

Notes are:

– Top: cinnamon, pepperwood.

– Middle: osmanthus, tobacco leaves, frankincense and ciste.

– Base: vanilla pods, cedarwood, vetiver, patchouli and cypriol musk.

Herod opens with a mere second of sweet cherry pipe tobacco then quickly moves into a layer of cinnamon and sugar. Then after a few minutes more. the fragrance gets drier and more woody. Still yet, a warmed rum note sits in play, but its not heavy and thick but instead it’s creamier, opulent and contained, it’s a very pleasant surprise!

At around the ten minute mark, the tobacco note begins to come to life embellished by vanilla and the frankincense. It’s nice and mellow one of a kind of pipe cherry tobacco sweet scent… Herod stays in this very controlled stage, elegant and sophisticated, lovely light vanilla sweetened woody tobacco bliss that dries down to an amazing delicious and luscious fragrance that is a must for any lover of luxurious and regal scents!


Top 5 Spring fragrances for Women


spring fragrances


“Where should one use perfume ?” a young woman asked………

“Wherever one wants to be kissed.”

Begin the new season by switching your fragrance.  Kiss your rich winter perfume goodbye and say hello to a fresh spring scent.After reviewing these top 5 Spring Perfumes for women you are sure to find your new signature Scent 😉

Here are top  5  Spring Fragrances for Women …


 Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo

Main Notes:

  • Panacotta
  • Red Currant
  • Peony
  • Pink Pepper
  • Rose

This perfume is a very sensual, feminine and sweet fragrance. If you want something fresh, light and joyful you should try the Signorina.                                                                                    Price at $56.95



Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

Main Notes:

  • Green Notes
  • Raspberry
  • Pear
  • Lychee
  • Violet

Daisy Eau so Fresh is a fun, flirty and playful perfume. It has a light fruity and clean smell to it. Imagine the Daisy perfume with a Springy twist.

Price at $57.50



 Burberry Brit Rhythm for Her

Main Notes:

  • Lavender
  • Pink Peppercorn
  • Orange
  • Musk
  • Woody

If you want to be unique and independent this is the perfume for you. It has a fresh scent with a powerful edge. Show your Rock n’ Roll side with a spicy perfume this season.

Price at $40.95



Florabotanica by Balenciaga

Main Notes:

  • Rose
  • Mint
  • Fig Leaves
  • Carnation
  • Vetiver

 This is a very sexy and powerful perfume. It is light, sweet, floral and sophisticated. Let’s call it spring in a bottle so you’d get the picture!

Price at $64.99


UP3508441106406Original Vetiver by Creed

Main Notes:

  • Haitian Vetiver
  • Ginger
  • Bergamot
  • iris
  • Ambergris
  • Musk

 This unisex fragrance has a clean scent. It is settle, bright, grassy and fresh. The smell is very natural so if you want to smell like “yes it’s my natural scent” go with Original Vetiver and we won’t tell anybody you are wearing a perfume.

Price at $280

By G.B


Opus V by Amouage!

Opus V is an amazing Oriental Floral unisex offering from the Royal house of Amouage!



When you first spray this Regal juice onto the skin, it explodes with a nice boozy note that tickles the nose, the accord attributed to a fabulous rich rum note, then the florals create a spark that showers down over you like an olfactory fireworks!

The woods are creamy and develop fairly soon, and they feel even creamier because of the civet which smells natural and thick comes to play. The agarwood ”Oud” is rich and pervasive; just gorgeous and natural.


This is where the fragrance starts to feel very cozy and cashmere-like, it grows a thick coat of fur, very majestic and warm. The orris is very earthy, dark and opulent- just the way it should be. The “dry wood” accord is not overly dry, in fact, the moist presence of the civet helps the woods to not disperse too quickly.

Over time, the civet and Oud are all that’s left (with a tiny touch of rose), and it really starts to meld into the skin in the most sensuous and seductive way.

The sillage of Opus V is not too strong- it wears fairly close to the skin, but the longevity is unbelievably good (12-24 hours depending on how much you spray)!

This is what I would consider to be a ‘personal perfume’. Definitely signature scent worthy!


Snippet Of The Scent … Jubilation XXV by Amouage

Jubilation XXV by Amouage



Jubilation XXV is an example of a true Masterpiece of the Niche fragrance industry!


Jubilation XXV has this remarkable fruitiness right out of the bottle. It’s wonderfully interesting as it forms a slightly sour-bitter accord with the coriander, cinnamon, clove, and a perfectly zesty orange citrus…

This initial accord is soon joined by amazing Amouage signature frankincense! The magical resin immediately gives the fruit accord some weight, pulling it back from sweetness and focusing on the spices… These are all very distinct notes, but they are singing in a five-part harmony voiced by angels! Into the heart with rose and more resin from guaiac-wood, honey, orchid, everything in balance with the frankincense front and center but never stealing the show.


As Jubilation XXV develops, more resinous, more opulent notes are added to the  mix – moss, cedarwood , and oud –  but they are tamed by musk, sweet myrrh, patchouli, and salty hints of ambergris… The unique maple syrupy/curry accord of immortelle flower reveals a hint of leather in the deep and gorgeous dry-down.


Jubilation XXV is a vibrant symphony of rich Regal notes and complex accords, it is divinely sumptuous, luscious and harmonious to perfection! It is also a bright, colorful, and happy incense fragrance, with a unique personality – it comes and goes, it plays hide and seek, but at all times it is well-behaved and never intrusive… The incense seems to come alive on your skin and reads your moods, receding into the background when not needed, stepping forward when required to soothe your soul. Jubilation XXV is the quintessential incense fragrance, bar-none. This one is a must have for fragrance lovers, a true MASTERPIECE!


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Royal Oud by Creed

Creed’s latest creation (2011) Royal-Oud is definitely a unisex offering that smells regal, opulent and enticing.

Royal Oud by Creed

Precious Woods, leather, marble and gold—the elements of a royal Persian palace—inspired this luxurious mix of the Persian and Parisian in a bottle.

Snippet on the Scent:  This amazing Oriental Fougére is an absolute phenomenal scent that is androgynous catering to both guys and gals, this majestic juice will make you smell like Royalty. This composition has:  Crown of Calabrian lemon, pink berry and Sicilian bergamot, Lebanon Cedar, galbanum and angelic root, Royal Indian Oud ,sandalwood and Tonkin musk. – Creed’s newest fragrance offers an ode to oud ”Agarwood”  a precious fungi wood that costs upwards of $1000 to $1400 per ounce! With fresh topnotes that give the fragrance a crisp lift with sweet fruity nuances, Royal Oud is a sweet and spicy composition that is truly all about the Regal Oud wood.  If you want to smell unique and turn heads then Royal Oud is the way to go…


Creed Aventus

Aventus (2010) is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best men’s fragrances in the market today.
Creed Aventus
Snippet on the Scent: I love this Chypre Fruity composition. A few spritz of this amazing juice and it reveals a carefully concocted mélange of blackcurrant from Corsica, Sicilian bergamot, Calville French Blanc apples, Royal pineapples, Bulgarian roses, jasmine, birch, patchouli, oakmoss, ambergris and vanilla. – The longer it stays on the skin, the more interesting, intriguing and mesmerizing it smells… The black leather-bound accentuated flask is a sleek and unique fine ”must-have” addition to anyone’s dresser. AVENTUS: a fragrance for men (adored by women) honoring traits of strength, power, vision, and success. The title “Aventus” – from the Latin, “eventus” meaning “success”!