Opus V by Amouage!

Opus V is an amazing Oriental Floral unisex offering from the Royal house of Amouage!



When you first spray this Regal juice onto the skin, it explodes with a nice boozy note that tickles the nose, the accord attributed to a fabulous rich rum note, then the florals create a spark that showers down over you like an olfactory fireworks!

The woods are creamy and develop fairly soon, and they feel even creamier because of the civet which smells natural and thick comes to play. The agarwood ”Oud” is rich and pervasive; just gorgeous and natural.


This is where the fragrance starts to feel very cozy and cashmere-like, it grows a thick coat of fur, very majestic and warm. The orris is very earthy, dark and opulent- just the way it should be. The “dry wood” accord is not overly dry, in fact, the moist presence of the civet helps the woods to not disperse too quickly.

Over time, the civet and Oud are all that’s left (with a tiny touch of rose), and it really starts to meld into the skin in the most sensuous and seductive way.

The sillage of Opus V is not too strong- it wears fairly close to the skin, but the longevity is unbelievably good (12-24 hours depending on how much you spray)!

This is what I would consider to be a ‘personal perfume’. Definitely signature scent worthy!


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