Christmas Gifts Under $50

Black Friday is coming up and everybody is trying to get the Christmas shopping done. To help you choose we have put together a gift guide for perfumes under $50. Let’s get right into it.


This is a classic and feminine perfume! The bottle and packaging are just as simple and elegant as Gloria Vanderbilt herself.

Main Accords:

White floral, Woody, floral, Warm spicy, and sweet

Price: $9.85

Betsey Johnson

This perfume is young and happy! This sweet and fruity perfume comes in a unique bottle and a packaging that you will adore if you are a fan of Betsey Johnson.

Main Accords:

Sweet, Woody, Fruity, Amber, and Citrus

Price: $14.98

Baroque Pink

This is a romantic and joyful perfume! The packaging is super cute and the bottle is very intriguing.

Main Accords:

Sweet, Fruity, and White Floral

Price: $22.55


212 VIP

This is the fragrance for young and stylish. The bottle is unique and glamorous.

Main Accords:

Sweet, Vanilla, Rum, Tropical, Fruity, and White Floral

Price: $34.45


Moschino Fresh Couture

This perfume is fresh and surprising. The bottle would be confused with Windex spray at first which is pretty cool!

Main Accords:

Citrus, Floral, Sweet, Fruity, and Fresh

Price: $49.90


Nautica Blue

This fragrance is an aquatic and aromatic one.  Simplicity in design matches the blue color of the fragrance well.

Main Accords:

Woody, Fruity, Sweet, Fresh, White Floral, and Acquatic

Price: $9.35


Insurrection II Pure

It’s a sophisticated yet happy perfume. The white box and bottle are a nice representation of simplicity of this perfume.

Main Accords:

Fruity, Sweet, Fresh, leather, and woody

Price: $18.95


Versace L’homme

This is a classic and sharp perfume. The packaging has changed over the years but succeeded in staying classy.

Main Accords:

Citrus, Woody, Warm Spicy, Aromatic, and Leather

Price: $25.85

Valentino Uomo

Uomo is a modern and casual fragrance. The bottle is one of the most beautiful bottles for men’s perfume.

Main Accords:

Woody, Nutty, Sweet, Cacao, Warm spicy, and Coffee

Price: $39.60

English Laundry Arrogant

This perfume has a woody character. The box is very luxurious in brown with gold letters.

Main Accords:

Woody, Aromatic, Fresh Spicy, Powdery, Balsamic, and Floral

Price: $47.10


Don’t forget to check back this week for more gift guides in different price ranges.