What Are Gourmand Fragrances?

gourmand fragrances

Choosing the perfect fragrance can already be difficult, but it’s even more complicated when you don’t understand all the industry terms. The average fragrance wearer may not be familiar with words like “gourmand”.” Here’s what you should know about what exactly a gourmand fragrance is and what some great fragrance choices are.

Origins of Gourmand

The term gourmand references a fragrance that smells almost like a dessert. These fragrances will have edible smells like chocolate, honey, vanilla, and other sweet, delicious aromas. Basically, if the perfume smells like something you’d like to eat, it’s probably gourmand.

The term has been around for quite some time, but the first modern gourmand perfume was created in 1992 when the Angel perfume was introduced by Thierry Mugler. Since then, the fragrance type has only grown in popularity!

What Do Gourmand Fragrances Smell Like?

Gourmand aromas generally have a unique, dessert-like aroma, but can apply to any scent that smells like food. They’re normally sweet-smelling, but not overwhelming. The sweet scents are often somewhat neutralized with spicey, woody, or citrusy scents. They are perfect for the perfume wearer that likes their fragrances sweet but not too sweet.

Some gourmand scents include:

  • Chocolate—Because chocolate is such a popular dessert, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular gourmand aromas! The warm sweetness of chocolate mixes well with many other notes like rum, spices, and musk. It’s perfect for chocolate lovers!
  • Honey—Another popular aroma, honey is a delightful gourmand scent that can be combined with spicy, dark scents such as tobacco or other light floral aromas.
  • Fruit—Popularly combined with caramel or spiced scents, fruit aromas are a typical gourmand aroma. A popular culinary trend is caramelized fruit, and you’ll find many gourmand fragrances that mimic the trend.

Examples of Gourmand Perfumes

Now that you know what these perfumes smell like, you can begin to look for one that may work for you. Some timeless gourmand fragrances include:

  • BonBon by Viktor & Rolf—If you’re looking to wear a perfume that quite literally smells like a dessert (bonbons!), this is a great choice for you. BonBon smells like a combination of caramel, oranges, and peaches. It creates a dessert-like smell that isn’t too overwhelming. While it is marketed for women, it’s a fragrance that could be unisex as well.
  • Lira by Xerjoff—If you love citrusy scents with a warm, delicious undertone, Lira is perfect for you. A unisex fragrance, Lira smells a bit like a chocolate orange, with hints of lavender and caramel infused.
  • Candy by Prada—A sweet, caramelly scent, Candy is a perfect choice for anyone with a sweet tooth. It smells of vanilla, benzoin, and caramel, and each scent complements the others well to create a delightful aroma.

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