Best Chocolate Fragrances

One of the best and yummiest notes for colder weather is the chocolate note. Since we are headed for winter we thought to share some of the best chocolate fragrances.

Montale Chocolate Greedy

Main Accords of cacao, warm spicy, vanilla, sweet and balsamic.

Featured Review: “I love this scent from the first spray, I would recommend, fall and winter.”

Tom Ford Black Orchid

Main Accords of balsamic, warm spicy, woody, sweet and earthy.

Featured Review: “Definitely not a fragrance for everyone. It is strong; it will fill a room. And it lasts – I can still smell it on my skin the next morning. I love this scent.”

Christian Dior Dior Homme

Main Accords of floral, cacao, powdery, woody and aromatic.

Featured Review: “My 3rd bottle over the 2 year that Ive started wearing this cologne. Great cologne and a must for any gent.”

Thierry Mugler Angel Man

Main Accords of sweet, warm spicy, caramel, woody and coffee.

Featured Review: “Dessert, anyone? This has been a long time favorite of mine since the late 90’s. It has a great longevity 8 hrs. and an good sillage. It is best described as “confectionery” It has a tonka and vanilla bean scent that is accented by a clean cedar and spice. While sweet, the patchouli makes it masculine. When wearing this, be prepared to be devoured!”

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme

Main Accords of musky, chocolate, sweet, warm spicy and powdery.

Featured Review: “Big fan, smells great. Mildly gourmandish yet very wearable.Definitely a cool weather banger, has reasonable projection but wont drown someone out. Longevity is exceptional 7-9 hours in very cold temps and lasts days on clothes.”

Tell us what your favorite Chocolate fragrances are in the comments bellow.