MontBlanc Legend Men Fragrance


MONTBLANC Legend man is confident and charismatic; he is effortlessly seductive and lives his feelings. MONTBLANC Legend Eau de Toilette is the incarnation of a decisively masculine fragrance, both modern and timeless, with depth, modernity and the right amount of discreet mystery. A fresh fougère with top notes that are lively, bright and clean; magnetic heart notes with a woody-floral aspect; and a dry down with an unforgettable signature of tonka beans and sandalwood. Class in a bottle!
Top Note:  Fresh pineapple, lemon verbena, Italian Bergamot & lavender.

Heart Note:  Coumarin, oak moss, geranium, rose, red apple & dried fruits.

Base Note:  Sandalwood & Tonka beans.


(SOS) Snippet of the Scent:


Montblanc Legend Men Fragrance  –

The best word to describe LEGEND is Crisp. yes a crisp aromatic fougere for men. It is a luscious mix of interesting notes and accords of fruits and delicate florals with a lovely dry down. Delicious, Fruity, Luminous, Popular (universal appeal), Fresh and Romantic at the same time.

Reminiscent and compared by many to it’s counter-part from Abercrombie&Fitch ”Fierce”, yes, there are similarities but the Montblanc offering is a much more refined, sophisticated and mature fragrance, a better scent all-around. A must have if you like to smell classy, sophisticated and yet playful! Great for all year-round, can be used as a signature scent for sure, will garner you many compliments!

 This Style: Summed in 3 words!
Confidence, Class & Charisma.




Guaranteed authenticity and longevity are prerogative of designer fragrances

Perfume manufacturers had found a new way of hitting users by just lining up some leading and popular celebrity and use their names on newly manufactured fragrances to market them. However, with changing times, people have become smarter and are shying away from such celebrity branded perfumes. This is inflicting pain to major fragrance manufacturing companies.

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