Guaranteed authenticity and longevity are prerogative of designer fragrances

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Guaranteed authenticity and longevity are prerogative of designer fragrances

Perfume manufacturers had found a new way of hitting users by just lining up some leading and popular celebrity and use their names on newly manufactured fragrances to market them. However, with changing times, people have become smarter and are shying away from such celebrity branded perfumes. This is inflicting pain to major fragrance manufacturing companies.

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Is a celebrity fragrance the correct choice?

So what is the actual issue behind this. Is it that these companies choose wrong personalities, or is their some other reason behind this sudden failure? Well, the actual issue with such fragrances in comparison to designer fragrances is that the former are quite low in quality. Moreover, the target audience for celebrity named perfumes are mostly youngsters who are usually bored of using same fragrances for long. This also means that the other age groups are actually not bothered about these celebrity names and rather prefer to buy designer fragrances.

In quite contrast to celebrity perfumes, designer fragrances live longer in minds of people and also remain in trend for long. There are numerous reasons for this. Primarily, users are able to easily connect their names and brands between fragrances. Moreover, designer brands are also associated with offering other products such as handbags or clothes; thus keeping the name well in the mind of people for varied uses. This results in increasing their credibility with dedicated users. Moreover, connoisseurs of perfumes know that celebrities have nothing to do with perfumery art.

Designer perfume is the real deal

Designer brands leave no stone unturned to ensure that only natural ingredients are used for manufacturing their fragrances. They know how to find the correct mix that is suitable for a certain fragrance and use special packaging and designs along with proper marketing methods to reach their customers. Though this process is expensive and long, the final effect expected by customers is just perfect. This makes using these fragrances a real deal.

Coming back to some cheap perfumes, it is understandable that these are manufactured using cheap ingredients. The scent of these does not last long and sometimes even changes with passage of time. However, even in spite of this understanding, there are many who opt to purchase these cheap perfumes due to their low cost. These individuals need to remember that these perfumes are not worth it as they may cause harm to your skin which in turn will consume money for medication. This makes it a bad deal.

So it is always better to buy a designer perfume; even if it means paying more upfront. You will also need not spray it as if you have taking a shower like the cheaper versions. It will last longer and provide the same scent throughout.

If you are bothered about the high costs involved in buying these designer versions, the internet provides plenty of options to purchase them at discounted rates. The only need is to find the right source which is also reliable. Once you find this source, you can keep on purchasing good branded designer fragrances at will and enjoy their scent along with authenticity.


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