Month: November 2015

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Winter Fashion Trends

With every season comes new clothes. This is a cheat sheet for Winter fashion trends.   1.Furs Fur by peraroma-com featuring black shoes Yes, fur is here to stay. So, get a hat, vest, coat or scarf and enjoy the warmth. Just keep in mind to not go crazy with …

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Gifts Based on Personality

I really believe that gifting is an art. Like writing an article, you can look at your list and draw a blank. We just made a list of possible gifts for every person on your list. Give them the best gifts based on their personality. Hopefully, this can give you …

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Celebrity Perfumes

The question that comes to mind when hearing about celebrity perfumes becoming the best-seller is that, are the celebrity fans the only ones who would wear the perfume or are they actually nice smelling perfumes that anybody can enjoy? Well, there is no definite answer to that since, taste in …

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Perfumes to Tempt the Opposite Sex!

We had an unofficial poll and we have the answer to one of your important questions when buying perfume. Which perfume does the opposite sex find Tempting? Here are the top 3 in each category. Let us know what you think! Female Sexy Perfumes According to Men Viva La Juicy …

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Make Your Home Holiday Ready

As the holidays are coming up your house will be filled with guest so, it’s more important than ever for your home to smell nice. We are introducing two very easy ways to make your home holiday ready. Prepare Your own Stove Top Potpourri You can use anything you’d want …