Holiday Gift Guide Men’s Eddition

As promised here is the holiday gift guide for men. Hope you enjoy!


For The Sporty Guy on your list

This one is citrusy, woody and fresh. It’s not so strong that couldn’t be worn at the gym.

Why I love Voyage d’Hermes: Because it’s fresh, clean and none offensive.


For The One With Unique Taste

This is an oriental gourmand perfume that’s great for special occasion or a special person.

Why I love English Laundry Windsor: It’s a classic fragrance but it does not smell dated.


For The Young Guy on Your List


Another citrusy, musky and fresh spicy scent. It’s easy to pull off for a younger guy.

Why I love Mont Blanc Legend Spirit: It’s a fresh scent that will get them a lot of compliment and who doesn’t like compliments.


For The Classy Guy on Your List

This is a very classy and strong perfume. It’s not overwhelming but it’s long lasting on the skin.

Why I love Terre D’Hermes: This is one of my favorite scents on a man, you can never go wrong with this perfume.


For The Business Man on Your List

It has hints of coffee, woody and nutty. Also, it’s discontinued so it makes a great “rare” gift.

Why I love Givenchy Very Irresistible:  Because it is simply a very yummy. It also makes a great first impression.


Gifts Based on Personality

I really believe that gifting is an art. Like writing an article, you can look at your list and draw a blank. We just made a list of possible gifts for every person on your list. Give them the best gifts based on their personality. Hopefully, this can give you some ideas and make this holiday season easier for you.
The Adventurous 

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Give him a GoPro camera so he can have the memories of each venture.
Or, give him a fun and sporty perfume like Acqua Di Gio Gift Set, this will complement his outdoorsy side very well.





The Artist
Give him a wooden handcrafted Beau tie. It’s unique and a piece of art on its own. For a great collection check out Guerdoo Design.
Plus, give him a Polo World of Mini Coffret Gift Set, this way he can change his aroma every day to match his mood and inspiration.















The Businessman
Give him a classy card holder so he can show off his business cards or keep his American Express card safe. Check this one out from Bloomingdales.
Or, give him Yves Saint Lauren L’homme to give him an edge in his meetings.




The Hipster
Give him a cool pair of socks, after all what’s a hipster without his cool socks. Better yet, get him a membership from SockFancy and they will take care of it for you.
Or, give him a Bvlgari Aqva Gift Set. The woody and masculine scent is a great match for his beard.





The College Boy
Give him a Play Station. Need I say more? Just get him that PS4.
Or, Give him Play Intense Gift Set by Givenchy. It has a modern smell and it comes with a mouse for his Laptop.






The Chic Girl
Give her a Tote in a neutral color. It’s minimalist just how she loves it. Check out this one by Marc Jacobs.
Or, give her a La Vie Est Belle Gift Set , It’s simple and naturally beautiful just like her style.
















The Quirky Girl
Give her a hat with ears. She will love it and, let’s face it no one else can pull it off. Check out this one from Bloomingdales.
Or better yet, give her a Kenzo Amour Gift Set. It’s original like her and, who can say no to that bottle?








The Fashionista
Give her a statement necklace, she knows what to do with it even if you don’t. Check this one out in Bloomingdales.
Or, give her a Juicy Couture Gift set. It is just the right amount of sexy. It also comes with a makeup bag for all her make ups.






The Sporty
Give her a cool scarf. She can wear it during the day to complete her sporty look or,over her sweats when going to the gym. Look at this scarf from Bloomingdales.
Plus, give her a Light Blue Gift Set. It’s fresh and energetic just like her.
















The College Girl

Give her a Mini Bluetooth Speaker. For when she needs to listen to some “study music” and when she needs to party to release her stress. we recommend this speaker from Bose.
Or, give her an Omnia Crystalline Gift Set. It’s a pretty smell that is subtle enough to be worn to classes.










Let’s Get Shopping!