Common Fragrance Notes and How They Smell Women’s Edition

In this post, we will some common fragrance notes and how they smell. We will also recommend a perfume based on your favorite note.


Patchouli Note

Patchouli: The absolute patchouli has a strong, noticeably sweet and herbaceous aroma with a balsamic & woody undertone. Patchouli blends well with vetiver, sandalwood, cedarwood, clove, lavender, rose, and labdanum.
If you like the smell of Patchouli we recommend Miss Dior by Christian Dior . Other notes in this perfume are citrus, white floral, warm spicy, and rose.

Sandalwood note

Sandalwood: Sandalwood has a rich, balsamic, sweet scent with subtle wood notes. The oil has a woody, glamorous smell, delicate and lasting.
If you like the smell of Sandalwood we recommend Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior. Other notes in this perfume are vanilla, almond, sweet, powdery fruity and woody.

vetiver note

Vetiver: Vetiver has a deep, sweet, woody, smoky and earthy scent. It is like a grassy field on a dry, warm day.
If you like the smell of vetiver we recommend Encre Noire Pour Elle by Lalique. Other notes in this perfume are musky, rose, floral, amber and woody.


oak_moss note

Oakmoss: Oakmoss has a rich, earthy, and mossy aroma. It conveys a wet forest floor scent that is very true to nature, with dry, earthy and green qualities with a leather undertone.
If you like the smell of Oakmoss we recommend Bottega Veneta by Bottega Veneta . Other notes in this perfume are earthy, patchouli, leather, woody, white floral and animalic.


Nettle: Nettle has a grassy, herbal, aromatic, citrus smell. To some people, it is kind of musky and minty which means it has a fresh quality.
If you like the smell of Nettle we recommend Extravagance d’Amarige by Givenchy . Other notes in this perfume are sweet, herbal, aromatic floral, and citrus.

leather note

Leather: The smell of leather is soft and yet so exciting. The rich leather scent makes you nostalgic. It is so basic, so natural, and again so sensual.
If you like the smell of Nettle we recommend Shalimar by Guerlain. Other notes in this perfume are balsamic, citrus, powdery, woody, vanilla, and smoky.


Lime Note

Lime: Lime is a citrus fruit similar to green lemon. Its smell is dryer, lighter, and sweeter than of the lemon, and at the same time more intensive and airy.
If you like the smell of Lime we recommend Virgin Island Water by Creed . Other notes in this perfume are sweet, coconut, tropical, rum, and vanilla.

Water Note

: The water note provides freshness, cleanness, and a humid, non-dry feel in perfumes. The opposite of powder. It is very sporty and outdoorsy.
If you like the smell of Lime we recommend Bright Crystal by Versace. Other notes in this perfume are floral, citrus, fresh, and woody.

raspberry note

Raspberry: The raspberry smell is tangy, juicy, tart, sour, and green.
If you like the smell of raspberry we recommend Neon Candy by Tous. Other notes in this perfume are sweet, fruity, floral, citrus, and fresh.


Red Rose Note

Rose: Rose has a romantic and feminine scent. It is heavily floral and pink.
If you like the smell of rose we recommend Roses De Chloe by Chloe . Other notes in this perfume are musky, citrus, floral, and fruity.

Lily Note

Lily: Lily has a strong and mature smell. It is sweet and spicy which can become intoxicating with aspects of brine and sweet florally.

If you like the smell of lily we recommend Anais Anais by Cacharel. Other notes in this perfume are floral, green, woody, fresh spicy, and animalic.

Orange Blossoms

Orange Blossom: Orange blossom absolute, has a deep and sweet fragrance that intensely reminds of the aromatic scent of fresh flowers, intoxicating and irresistible, it feels close to the scent of jasmine.
If you like the smell of orange blossom we recommend Chic by Carolina Herrera. Other notes in this perfume are floral, white floral, tuberose rose, citrus, and woody.


Nose Sensitivity: Why Yours May Have Decreased and How You Can Get It Back

If you can no longer enjoy your favorite scents the way you used to, it could be because you have a nose sensitivity problem. When everything starts having little to no aroma, it can be frustrating. Luckily, there are things you can do to change this. Here are some reasons why you might be having a hard time smelling and some nose sensitivity exercises that may help you fix it.

What Decreases Nose Sensitivity?

You may be having a hard time smelling for a variety of reasons. You may have started to lose your sense of smell simply from aging. Getting sick with a cold, the flu, or a sinus infection can contribute to a loss of smell. Nasal polyps or simple allergies may also leave you struggling with your sense of smell. If you’re a smoker, you may have this habit to blame for decreased nose sensitivity.

4 Tips for Improving Nose Sensitivity 

  • Put Your Nose in a Little Bit of Everything

Your nose needs to be exercised just like your brain and your body to ensure it’s always in top condition. Engage your sense of smell by sniffing strongly-scented items each day. A few good ones are dried herbs, lemon zest, tea, chocolate, olive oil, and ground coffee. If you really want to go all out, pick up some different essential oils. These are ultra-potent, so they will really excite your nose.

Spend plenty of time fully inhaling each individual scent to truly absorb its uniqueness. Choosing four scents and smelling each one for thirty seconds a day should help you stimulate the receptors in your nose. This nose sensitivity exercise is known as scent therapy.

  • Take More Time to Stop and Smell the Fragrance 

Have you ever been in a room where everyone else said that a certain smell was very obvious, but you couldn’t smell anything? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? But if at first you can’t smell a smell, just sniff, sniff again! The more time you spend sniffing, the more your ability to smell will intensify. You will also inhale more scent molecules.

  • Work on Describing More Scents

It may seem silly to describe the scents around you, but it can help you dive deeper into what makes individual scents. Describe the scents of the food you eat and the things you drink as well as the perfumes and fragrances around you. You might even consider keeping a scent journal where you describe all these scents in writing.

  • Get More B12

A waning sense of smell may be due to a lack of B12 in your diet. Some of the foods that are especially rich in B12 include yogurt, eggs, meat, fish, and cheese. If after adding more of these foods to your diet you’re still struggling to smell, you might consider taking B12 supplements.

Indulge Your Nose in Some of the Finest Fragrances from

Once you’ve worked on improving nose sensitivity, you can enjoy perfume like never before—not only yours but the perfumes others are wearing as well. No matter what your scent preferences are, has options for you! From niche fragrances to iconic perfumes, we are your one-stop online shop for all of it!


7 Nostalgic Fragrances

You know how sometimes you smell something and it just takes you back? Yes, we are gonna talk about those nostalgic fragrances.

Ck Obsession

This oriental spicy perfume was one of the most popular ones in the 80s. We are talking about the original formulation of vanilla, musk, and sandalwood.

Victoria’s Secret Bombshell

one of the newest ones on this list. Bombshell came out in 2010 but, every time we smell this fruity scent, it takes us back to when we used to sing along with Katy Perry’s teenage dream.


Stetson came out in 1981 and was one of the most known chypre fragrances. It became a first barbershop fragrance for many fragrance lovers.

Gucci Rush

One of the most recognizable scents came out in 1999. To this day it is a very attractive and bold scent. You smell it and you can just imagine going to parties and dancing the night away.

Christian Dior Fahrenheit

Yes, we are talking about the famous fragrance with a gasoline accord. some were able to smell it some were not. but no matter which side you belong on you can’t deny that this was a unique fragrance that launched in 1988.

Chanel No 5

This Chanel Eau de Parfum came out in 1986 and was the new version of the vintage No 5. Who doesn’t have an aunt or grandmother who used to wear chanel No 5? How could we not include it on the list of nostalgic fragrances?


Whether you bought it for the fruity scent or the iconic packaging, smelling this fragrance will take you to your teenage years when you just wanted to become a grownup.

Which of these fragrances did you own?