7 Celebrity Perfumes that Also Define your Style

Have you been sifting through scores of celebrity perfumes to match your style? Seriously, there is no dearth of celebs giving their name to exotic fragrances, and every now and then. Celebrity inspired new perfumes are everywhere. Guess what? Even Snooki—the adorable TV star—has one to her credit!

7 Celebrity Perfumes that Also Define your Style

Get ready to pamper your senses with these top 7 celebrity perfumes that will make you swoon. Which one will you choose? Let’s see……

1. Paris Hilton

The personal top pick for millions of women across the world, this is one of the most popular celebrity perfumes that you may like to buy as a gift for yourself, or others. Hmmm… it’s true that many wearers don’t really have a fascination for the lady herself, but then, they do end up swearing by this perfume. Hey, it’s so addictive that you really cannot resist wearing it too.Paris Hilton’s self-named smell boasts of notes of freesia, mimosa, apple, peach nectar, jasmine, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and oak moss. Ideal for summer and spring seasons, these notes surely make for the most perfect floral and fruity combination. A must try indeed!


2. Glam by Kim Kardashian

Though some of you may be a tad embarrassed to sport Kim Kardashian’s popular Glam perfume, it does excite many with its enticing floral-fruity notes. Here, the notes of tuberose,rose, sandalwood, jasmine, and iris butter have actually became famous for really no concrete reasons. An ideal choice for wearers finding it difficult to decide between buying floral or fruity smells, this Kim’s fragrance is immensely flirtatious and girly, No small wonder that it’s the perfect match bubbly, fun loving and energetic women—like you?

3. Heat by Beyoncé

Designed to completion from Beyoncé Knowles’ certain favorite things, Heat was inspired by her tours and performances. This red and gold colored bottle was selected in line with Beyoncé’s favorite colors, while the final scent was attributed to her favorite fragrance notes of honeysuckle and red vanilla orchid. Beyoncé claims that honeysuckle possesses a “sweet” and “sensual” smell while red vanilla orchid is “spicy” and “sexy”. This combination works for a perfectly irresistible and feminine celebrity fragrance. Yes, go for “Heat “ if you wish to feel desirable and sexy all day long!


4. Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston

While her debut fragrance was being created, Jennifer Aniston remembers recounting many happy summer nights and sunny days at her favorite beach. These memories helped her develop this floral, sensual, and clean smelling perfume. Highly recommended for older women, and not for those who have just stepped into their 20s, this one is a permanent entrant on the list of top celebrity perfumes; and for good reasons too. This fragrance includes notes of rose water, jasmine, citrus grove accord, violet, musk, amber, Amazon lily, and sandalwood. It serves as a clean and fresh fragrance for warm summer months, especially when you wish to be reminded of the sun, sand and sea!

5. Fantasy  by Britney Spears

“Fantasy” by Britney Spears, another hot item on the list of celebrity perfumes, is her second perfume in the fragrance line attributed to her name. Boasting of notes of cupcake accord, kiwi, jasmine petals, sensual woods, and white chocolate, the resulting product begins with a fruity smell, becomes sweet with the notes of white chocolate and cupcake, and ends on a light floral note. Highly recommended for your romantic dates, it’s adored by most men, everywhere!


6. Someday by Justin Bieber

Well, you may be bearing with me a little more that you would have liked to, but seriously, Someday–Justin Bieber’s fragrance, is so good! It became so widely popular that soon after its launch it became one of the largest selling celebrity fragrances. Believe it or not, it beat Rihanna, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Lopez too! Another reason of feeling on sky nine after buying this celeb perfume is that you will be indirectly contributing to the Make-A-Wish Foundation supported by Bieber. Best described as being fresh, flirty and playful, Someday has notes of juicy pear, wild berries, mandarin, jasmine, vanilla, creamy florals, and soft musks. It’s a great one to have on your dresser!

7. Fame by Lady Gaga

Think “Fame” by Lady Gaga, and the adjectives that start pouring forth are empowering, mysterious, fascinating, etc. Need you ask for more? Fame has notes of apricot, honey drops, incense, and jasmine sambac. In other words, this fragrance is a mirror image (in a way) of Lady Gaga herself. Oh yes, it’s definitely as unique as her! It fails to smell like any other perfume in your collection too. Gear up to go gaga over this one!


So, which of these celebrity perfumes catch your fancy in the best way? Just go for the one that makes you swoon…. It will make your next date all the more special!