Top 5 Spring Perfumes for Women

spring fragrances

If you are looking to buy a new fragrance for spring you are in the right place. These are the top 5 spring perfumes for women. The list is in no particular order.

Main Accords are woody, fruity, citrus, floral and earthy. It is perfect for spring and a unique perfume coming from the house of Chloe. Also, the bottle is very elegant.

Main accords are fresh spicy, fruity, floral, fresh and rose. It’s spring in a bottle. The bottle is the same as My Burberry¬†but it’s a pink color.

Main accords are sweet, vanilla, fruity, powdery and patchouli. This is no surprise to anybody but if you don’t like sweet perfumes you will not like this.

Main accords are fruity, musky, floral, balsamic and fresh spicy. If you like fruity scents more than floral, then this one is for you.

Main accords are soft spicy, floral, patchouli, fresh spicy, powdery and spicy. It is a clean and unique choice for spring.


top 5 spring perfumes for women