The hottest fragrance trends to follow in 2018

fragrance trends 2018

In the recent years, the perfume industry has seen some major shifts. According to the booming niche marketing, the top perfume brands are working hard to introduce special fragrances. They are targeting special blends that will appeal to the consumers. In 2017 the worth of the global perfume market was US$ 37.4 Billion that will increase to US$ 64.6 billion by 2023. Here are some of the emerging trends that you need to consider in 2018.


Beauty companies are taking it to a whole new level by introduction of the personalized skin care products. How can the fragrance companies stay behind? The companies are incorporating personalized elements in the fragrance that will be unique for all customers. The popularity of personalized fragrance is rapidly increasing because there are many niche companies that are working on the products.

You will be surprised to know the plans of the future. The future has more tailor-made and artisanal fragrances for you that come with DNA testing. You will get the freedom to select your preference. It will have the smell related to your DNA that will include

  1. Type of scent
  2. Your personal style
  3. Time of day when you use fragrance
  4. Mood or activity
  5. Favorite Scents
  6. Ingredients you like

Vegan Perfumes

One of the biggest fragrance trends of 2018 is vegan perfumes. The popularity of veganism has a huge impact on the beauty industry. The vegan customers are looking for the products that are cruelty-free. There are several brands that are working in the industry to assure that they can produce the best quality vegan perfumes. In the recent survey, it has been found that 64% of customers prefer to buy vegan perfumes. Special vegetables and herbs are used for the production of fragrance.

Gender Neutral

Unisex and genderless perfumes are gaining more popularity because the consumers are more focused on buying the products that are not related to genders in any form. It allows them to display their individual personality. It helps them to get out of the gender norms. In the coming years, the unisex perfumes will gain more popularity. 72% of customers prefer to buy the unisex perfumes because it helps them to feel different and unique. Men will feel like the fragrance is masculine while women will feel like the perfumes are made for them. There are special spicy notes available in the perfumes.

Green and Fresh

The green development is clearing over the scent class. There is an overall development toward eco-accommodating, regular inclination, light, nature-motivated and new aroma. Common aromas are suggestive of our endeavor to interface with the basic and our longing to carry on with a more advantageous lifestyle with a more noteworthy spotlight on fresher developments, for example, fluid, florals, marine and so forth. Plants and organic concentrates from vegetables, herbs, and flavors, are likewise in slant in the scent business.

Make sure that you follow all the latest trends that will allow you to smell the way you like. There are several famous perfume brands that have been working in the industry to introduce the best quality fragrances. Make sure that you select the smell you feel most comfortable with. You should feel a connection with the perfume that you are planning to have.


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