How to Choose a Perfume for Thanksgiving

The combination of pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, roast turkey, and cranberry sauce co-mingle to give you a scent that could only mean one thing: Thanksgiving! When gathering with your closest friends and family, you most likely want to smell great, too. Here are some things to consider when choosing the perfect perfume for Thanksgiving.

What Doesn’t Work Well

Before we discuss what scents work best with Thanksgiving, let’s look at scents to avoid. Perfumes that are heavy on the floral are probably not the best perfume to wear to your Thanksgiving celebration. Something with a pungent floral aroma won’t complement your meal and it could actually make you enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving flavors less. No one wants that!

Anything that’s too overpowering should probably not be your go-to Thanksgiving perfume. Too many scents coming together in your home—even if they’re good ones—could end up giving you or your guests a headache. Whatever scent you choose should ideally be one you’ve tried before and know you love. The last thing you want on the holiday is regretting your fragrance of choice!

What Works Well

Luckily, there are plenty of good smelling perfumes that will be the perfect addition to your holiday feast. Something with hints of vanilla is great because it’s subtle and will go with just about everything. Your Thanksgiving meal is no exception! Whether you’re on dinner or dessert, vanilla’s versatility will keep you smelling great and nicely blend into the background without becoming the star of the show.

Vanilla is a commonly liked fragrance. It’s subtle and sweet and can be worn all year round. If you’re hugging a lot of relatives this Thanksgiving, you probably won’t get any complaints like you might with some overpowering, completely out-there scents.

If you want to play off the flavors of the meal itself, spicy aromas are the perfect choice for the season! This will give you just enough juxtaposition to the food smells around you, but it will also nicely co-mingle with the scents already present.

If you’re worried about the heaviness of your Thanksgiving feast, cut it with a perfume that has delightful hints of citrus. The fresh, clean scent of orange is perfect! Orange will nicely complement the fall flavors you probably already have on the table. 

Another scent that works especially well this time of year is anything woody. You don’t want a woody perfume that’s too overwhelming that it almost becomes smokey—but a light touch of earthiness will pair nicely with fall season flavors. Generally, woody scents are pretty neutral, so they nicely linger in the background without overpowering your Thanksgiving feast. This warm scent will instantly make anyone feel at home!

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Ultimately, perfume is a personal choice, but our expertise shows that these are some of the best perfumes for Thanksgiving. No matter what scents you prefer, has a plethora of options that will keep you smelling great this Thanksgiving. Whether you’re the one doing all the cooking or you’re just showing up to the feast, choosing the right perfume is an essential decision. Browse our variety of fragrances from top brands like Burberry, Calvin Klein, Elizabeth Taylor, and others.