Perfume Etiquette

perfume ettiquete
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Perfume Etiquette

Like everything else in life wearing perfume has its own proper ways that  I’m gonna call Perfume Etiquette. No matter how much you pay for your favorite scent or how much you like it, you should be mindful of others around you while splashing it on. Consider these guidelines the next time you are wearing your perfume.


  •    Less Is More

Don’t overuse your perfume. No one should be able to smell your scent before getting close to you. Also, your smell should not linger in the room after you leave it. Don’t spray too much! Especially if you are wearing a spicy or smoky perfume.


  •     Match The Occasion 

Apart from having a day and night perfumes, keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear any perfume to some places like hospitals. This may cause patients discomfort. You may want to use a scented body lotion in this situation. Also, it’s better to not wear the same perfume that you use for a party or a date, at work. Chances are that your night perfume is too strong for a work environment.


  •    Do Not Mask

Some people use perfume to mask unwanted odors such as cigarettes or alcohol. While this might help you at first, the end result may not be in your favor. The combination of your fragrance notes with the scent you are trying to hide might actually result in a worse smell. Only use your perfume to compliment your scent.


  •    Say Goodbye

If your perfume is expired stop using it. I know that it’s hard when you pay a lot of money on your bottle but after a perfume expires it gives out a harsh and overpowering scent.


  •    Don’t Reapply

After a while, you may get used to your own perfume and cannot smell it anymore. Resist the urge to reapply because for others your smell may become intolerable and overwhelming.


  •    Sample It

Perfume is all about chemistry. Don’t blind buy a perfume because of its good reviews or because you liked it on somebody else. Try a sample on yourself for a few days to see if it suits you. (Maxaroma to the rescue)


  •    Know How To Wear It

Do not apply your fragrance on your clothes as some oils may cause spotting. Also, you can learn how to efficiently use your perfume from this article.



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