Pandemic and Perfume

pandemic and perfume

As everyone is getting used to the new normal and wearing mask outside, we are faced with the question, ” what does it all mean for the fragrance industry?”

So far the brands reported that there has been actually an increase in sales. There are many theories as to why this might be happening.

 U.S. president Julien Gommichon suggests that customers are using scent to create variety in their surroundings when they can’t leave the house. “Each space becomes even more important when you’re spending more time at home, from the living room to the bedroom or bathroom,” he says.

There has also been an increase in interest in HomeFragrances such as candles and diffusers. Since everyone is spending much more time at home and inside, we are all gravitating more toward home scents .

Another reason that customers will be still willing to shop for perfumes is the simple fact that fragrances can boost your mood. In times that are tough on everyone such as a pandemic, people will try everything to help them cope with stress and boost their mood. There is no denying that perfumes can boost your energy and mood.

Last but not least reason for shopping during the pandemic is because there are less events happening outside. No more concerts, dining and going to movie theaters. It leaves more money and desire for online shopping.

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