Do Fragrances Perform Differently In the Summer?

Summer is perfect for spending time outdoors, swimming in delightfully cool water, and enjoying the sunshine. But what does this mean for your perfume? We’ve outlined just exactly what happens to perfume in summer and what you can do about it. 

How Does Weather Affect Perfume?

Did you know that your perfume is affected by both the heat and the cold? Perfumes are affected in two ways:  wearability and how they are activated. 


A huge impact on what happens to perfume in summer is the wearability of the perfume. In colder temperatures, you don’t sweat as much, which means that the perfume stays on you better. However, in hot weather, you’re more susceptible to sweating, which can make the duration of the scent decrease. Spending time in water can also decrease the strength or durability of your perfume’s scent. 


Fragrances are activated by the heat. If the temperature is colder, the scent may be more muted and not as intense. However, hot weather makes scents much more intense and can bring out notes in the perfume that you may have not otherwise noticed. 

What Perfumes Work Best in the Summer?

Because the summer heat intensifies the scent of your perfume so strongly, it’s important that you choose the perfect summer scents. Choosing a perfume that doesn’t have the right fragrance can be overwhelming. Consider choosing these types of fragrances for a summer day!

Fresh Fragrances

Light, fresh fragrances are a perfect way to maintain a delightful scent without using perfumes that are overpowering. These notes can include sea salt, linen, aquatic, or even aromatic scents. 

A great fresh perfume to wear during the summer months is Davidoff’s Cool Water. The fragrance captures the scent of the sea. The perfume’s notes are light and fresh, so they won’t become overpowering under the hot summer sun. 

Light Florals

While some floral scents may get too strong, light, subtle florals are a perfect choice for summer wear. Florals are a great way to maintain femininity and delicacy while still having a delightfully noticeable scent. These notes can include citrus or citrus flowers like the neroli blossom, rose, and lavender. 

Floral by Jimmy Choo is a perfect summer perfume. The perfume has light citrusy notes of tangerine, nectarine, and bergamot coupled with light floral undertones. It’s delicate, beautiful, and summery. 

Green Scents

The green, light scent of herbs and greenery in the summertime is a great fragrance choice. Herbs such as mint, basil, and lemon balm maintain a lovely balance between strong, earthy green and delicate tones. 

Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren is absolutely perfect for summer days. The fragrance has notes of cucumber, melon, and mandarin, combining all of the perfect light and fresh scents needed in the summertime.

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