5 Perfumes to Wear with Your Sundress

It’s undeniable: summer is one of the best times of the year. Warm, sunshiney days mean that you finally get to break out your sundresses again. But you shouldn’t just look your best. You should smell like it too! Check out these five best summer fragrances to wear with your sundress!

Capri by Vince Camuto

Take a moment to imagine you’re in Capri in the summer. A cool, fragrant breeze is drifting in from the Mediterranean. The island’s many citrus trees add a sweet smell to the air. It’s sunny, warm, relaxing, and you’re dressed in your flowiest sundress. 

When you wear Capri by Vince Camuto, you’re experiencing the Island of Capri captured in a bottle. This is the perfect summer fragrance for anyone looking for a citrusy, light perfume. You can purchase your own 3.4 oz bottle as your new favorite fragrance. 

Sunshine by Amouage

We love summer for its warm, sunny days. We lap up the sun by relaxing by the pool, sunbathing on a beach, or lying in a hammock, all the while enjoying the scents drifting toward us from the flowers that are now in full bloom. 

What’s better than being able to savor warm, sunny days and full, beautiful flowers? Sunshine by Amouage allows you to not only wear a delightfully floral perfume but also enjoy warm fragrant notes as well, making it one of the best summer perfumes. 

Crescent Beach by Abbott NYC

Summer is for taking long walks on the beach at sunset, enjoying brunch in fancy gardens, and relaxing under a cool ocean breeze. Crescent Beach by Abbott NYC manages to give you the East Coast beach experience within a single perfume bottle. Lightly floral and crisp, Crescent Beach is ready to be your new summer fragrance. 

Chloe de Roses by Chloe

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect summer romance? Picture being swept off your feet by the person you’re absolutely in love with, getting carried off into a garden of roses for a candlelit dinner. The perfume is perfect to capture pure romance. It’s just strong enough to make you stand out from the crowd and find your one, true summer love. 

Do Son by Diptyque

Summer is for standing out. Every other season out of the year is dull in comparison to summer’s bright, gorgeous days. Summertime is your chance to show the world just how amazing you are. Nothing is better than putting on your best sundress, heels, and going out into the world to have the best day ever. Claim the summer as your own by wearing Do Son by Diptyque today. 

Find Your Statement Sundress Scent

It’s your time to shine. Choose from our five best summer scents to make your summertime perfect. You deserve only the best summer perfumes. That’s why at Maxaroma we have a wide selection of perfumes and fragrances to choose from. Visit our website today to find your sundress scent!

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