Top 10 Perfumes for Fall

Best Perfume for fall
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Top 10 Perfumes for Fall

As the weather becomes colder, we tend to wear perfumes with heavier notes. Generally speaking fresher and lighter scents are used in warmer weather and warmer scents are worn in colder weather. That being said these are our Top 10 Perfumes for Fall:

Penhaligon’s Elixir Unisex

MAIN ACCORDS: balsamic, woody, warm spicy, smoky and aromatic
Promising Review: ” Definitely one of the great fragrances of Penhaligon’s, although it is a touch soapy. But overall nice medieval smoky resinous warm spicy scent.”

Revlon Ciara for Women

MAIN ACCORDS: balsamic, woody, sweet, smoky and leather
Promising Review: ” Charmingly old-timey lemony soapy in the opening, extremely feminine. Like Chantilly dialed down from caricature levels. Shortly transforms to a more becoming and freshly-fruitily uplifting pleasing presence that’s still grounded in something woody or fibrous, almost tar-like but with absolutely no smokiness. Smells like a nice potpourri. I really like it.”
MAIN ACCORDS: fruity, sweet, rose, soft spicy and sour
Promising Review: ” I have this on today and it’s so lovely that I can’t stop smelling my wrists. Roses that smell like Turkish Delight.”

Creed Royal Oud for Men

MAIN ACCORDS: woody, musky, powdery, citrus, green and oud
Promising Review: ” Bottled luxury. I would label this a contemporary Bois De Portugal for a new generation. What we have here is an opulent concoction of creamy woods, sparkling spices and just a dash of faint oud in the dry down. Longevity and sillage are outstanding. Looking forward to wearing this during winter. Too rich for summer and spring, methinks.”

Viktor&Rolf Spicebomb for men

MAIN ACCORDS: warm spicy, cinnamon, tobacco, sweet, leather and soft spicy
Promising Review: ” This fragrance is liquid gold, it’s popular for a very good reason. And it’s named very appropriately too, it’s packs the spice punch of a bomb. I can’t see this ever not being in my rotation.”

Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men

MAIN ACCORDS: amber, fresh spicy, tobacco, citrus and sweet
Promising Review: ” Its very unique kinda fragrance.Very Masculine and Heavy.Just some performance issues.otherwise its a masterpiece.I totally love it.You should go for EDP version.It lasts longer and more intense”

Byerdo Accord Oud Unisex

MAIN ACCORDS: leather, fruity, oud, warm spicy and sweet
Promising Review: ” This stuff is great. The opening is sweet leather and medicinal/rubbery oud with a fruity vibe, after a while the saffron really comes out and it just becomes this delicious composition that’s just super intoxicating. I get a Tuscan Leather vibe from this one even though they smell very different. This very much unisex compared to something like TL. “

By Kilian Intoxicated Unisex

MAIN ACCORDS: warm spicy, coffee, fresh spicy, cinnamon and aromatic
Promising Review: ” I really Love this Scent and the whole packaging etc. Opens with Turkish Coffee and merges into a classy Amen vibe. Downside… doesn’t last long, sadly. A BIG downside too as it’s not cheap. I would but more Kilian if They lasted longer but all of the ones I have tried have lasted 2 or 3 Hours Max and then fade away. A real shame as the smells are Lush and the packaging is Fab.”

Giorgio Armani Si for Women

MAIN ACCORDS: vanilla, aromatic, green, fruity, woody and soft spicy

Promising Review: ” I love this fragrance. It’s a bit much for the daytime I think but I love it for an evening out or dressy occasion. It lasts a good amount of time on me (5-6 hours). It’s one I think I will always have in my collection, but not an everyday perfume in my opinion. Reminds me of Miss Dior.”

Amouage Journey  for men

MAIN ACCORDS: warm spicy, aromatic, balsamic, woody, tobacco and smoky
Promising Review: ” Opening: spicy, dry, rough, quite harsh for an untrained nose … Dry-Down: warm, smoky, balsamic
Feeling: takes you on an authentic olfactory journey through Arabia, one of the most oriental/arabic scents that I’ve tried.”

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