How to Layer Perfumes?

Why would you want to layer your perfume?

If you ever wanted to have a unique scent you can make your own without knowing any perfumery. I’m going to make it simple and easy and allow for creativity.


  1. Start Heavy

Start with the heavier scents so what you put on top won’t disappear.


  1. Know your fragrance families

Do your research or better yet find out through trial and error which notes works best together or you like best.

The easiest way is no stay in the same family. May it be floral, sweet, fresh…

The other way is to combine opposite families like sweet (vanilla note) and spicy, or other combinations that you might like.


  1. Don’t forget your lotions

Don’t forget that you can use any of your body oils and scented body lotions as well. In other words, you do not need to use perfumes all the time, which is great news because that can be quite expensive.


These three simple rules are all you need to know. Now you can create your own unique scent.