Perfumes: Are They Only Limited to One Gender?


Let’s admit, at least once in our lifetime, all of us have sniffed a perfume of the opposite gender and loved it so much that it made us wonder why perfumes aren’t unisex and why there are specific fragrances associated with a particular gender.

Frankly speaking, I love the collection of perfumes that my brother owns and I wish they’d produce more of that stuff for women. After all, perfumes should be a gender bender and you can’t just associate a specific gender with a specific perfume.

That being said, unisex fragrances do exist, and we absolutely adore them. Here are some of the top unisex fragrances that you can check out if you’re a gender bender who loves exploring perfumes:


  • CK One by Calvin Klein

This perfume has a basic note of citrus that will have you mesmerized and asking for more. It’s an incredibly refreshing perfume that will stimulate and satisfy all of your olfactory senses. After all, it’s a unisex perfume and it’s Calvin Klein!



  • Black Orchid by Tom Ford

An intoxicating blend of warm spicy, sweet and earthy notes, this perfume is the ideal unisex fragrance. You’ll get addicted to it in no time! Not only is the perfume very intoxicating but the bottle it comes in is also very classy! It would look great on your dressing table too!



  • Blue Mediterraneo Mirto di Panarea by Acqua di Parma

This unisex fragrance is stimulating and satisfying at the same time. It is a unique blend of fresh spicy, citrus, woody and herbal notes. It’s one of the best unisex fragrances out there!



So, what are you waiting for? Bring out your inner gender bender and explore the fragrances above and more so that you can find the best one for yourself.