Holiday Gift Guide Women Edition

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Holiday Gift Guide Women Edition

If you are like me, you are already making a list and adding gift ideas for each person. To help you out I made a holiday gift guide for every person on your list.

For The Young Girl in Your Life

This beautiful and delicious perfume comes with a lotion and a roller traveler perfume for your loved one to carry around.

Why I love Viva La Juicy: It definitely a compliment getter. It’s sweet and flirty but not overly sexual. Great for a younger person but I use it for myself too.


For The Girl With a Sweet Tooth

This Gift set is a perfect present. It comes in a makeup bag; with a scented soap and body lotion. It’s sweet, tropical and floral. It’s a great day perfume.

Why I love Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba: Other than the gorgeous bottle, I love it for the very summery scent. It’s guaranteed to make you happy.


For The Sporty Girl on Your List

You can’t go wrong with a fresh scent, especially with Light Blue. I’m yet to see someone who does not enjoy this scent. The set includes the body lotion and the shower gel as well.

Why I love D&G Light Blue:  This universally loved scent is a winner (literally). Also, the color of the juice is light blue which makes it look so calming.


For The One With Unique Taste

This scent will never be mistaken with any other perfume. It’s floral, woody and balsamic at the same time. We do have different gift sets for you to pick from.

Why I love Thierry Mugler Alien:  Simply put, t is unforgettable. Also, many people find it sexy.


For The Girly Girl on Your List

This is a sweet scent that everyone wants to have.  She will fall in love with it immediately.

Why I love Vince Camuto: It is sophisticated yet fun. It’s great for winter and fall, but it’s not too heavy.




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