Winter Fashion Trends

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Winter Fashion Trends

With every season comes new clothes. This is a cheat sheet for Winter fashion trends.




Fur by peraroma-com featuring black shoes

Yes, fur is here to stay. So, get a hat, vest, coat or scarf and enjoy the warmth. Just keep in mind to not go crazy with the rest of your outfit. keep it simple

2. Suede


Suede by peraroma-com featuring a wool floppy hat

We are happy to see Suede skirts are coming back from the 70’s. It has the ability to make any outfit fashionable. Minimum effort required.

3. Velvet


Velvet by peraroma-com featuring a green leather handbag

Velvet might be a little hard to style, but it’s worth it. Just make sure
to keep your look from becoming dated.

4. Leather


Leather by peraroma-com featuring a black leather purse

Sexy! It’s all I have to say about Leather. you can dress it up or down, you will still look gorgeous in it.



Tweed by peraroma-com featuring long sleeve shirts

Tweed instantly makes your outfit a very put-together look. You can mix it with other fabrics for a softer and more casual look.

6. Patches & Quilt

Patch Work Dress

Patch Work Dress by peraroma-com featuring short fur boots

If you want something really unique and different, go with patches. This will give you so many choices. Keep it simple or go crazy.

Have fun choosing! 


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