Month: June 2017

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June Empties

We are back with another empties post.  So read along to see which bottles were emptied by our pocket perfumes during June.   1. Eau de Pamplemousse Rose Hermes Unisex The hesperidin theme, conveyed here by the grapefruit, takes on new life when infused with the rose. A fine balance …

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What to do with your empty perfume bottles?

We have been collecting our perfume bottles to do a series of DIY projects. I personally think these bottles are too beautiful to be thrown out, so let’s recycle them.   First Project is a decal display. This one is the easiest one. All you need is empty perfume bottles …

Do Perfumes Expire
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Do Perfumes Expire?

Do Perfumes Expire? Perfumes don’t expire in the same way that your food expire.  Meaning there is no exact day that you need to stop using the fragrance. Most perfumes have an average life of 3 to 5 years after they’ve been opened. This highly depends on how you store …