Month: February 2017

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February Empties

Good news for my lovely MaxAromans. Hopefully, you all know about our Pocket Perfume section, if not Check out this post. So I have decided to dedicate one blog post to the perfumes that are finished, basically the most popular pocket perfumes, each month. Tom Ford White Patchouli for Women This Perfume is …

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La Rive Perfumes

LA RIVE is one of the leading perfume producers in Poland. They produce high-quality fragrances with a great price. Here we are exploring notes and feels of the perfumes that we carry from this line.   La Rive Women’s Fragrances   Cash Inspired by Paco Rabanne Lady Million TOP NOTES:  raspberry, …

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Wednesday Sale

For this week’s sale use coupon code RM30 to get 30% off on Royal Mayfair by Creed! Offer ends on the 22nd. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated with our week long sales every Wednesday.

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What are Decoded Perfumes?

In our post called ” How to know if your perfume is authentic?” we talked about decoded perfumes and so many of you asked me to tell you more about this so I gathered more information and took some photos to help you understand this better.  I am including the …